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y griega cbd

Y griega cbd

Y Griega CBD by Medical Seeds is a strain that’s had its CBD levels increased quite a lot in order to give a purely medicinal, less psychoactive effect. This plant grows robust with plenty of wide, thick leaves and it grows surprisingly strong both indoors and outdoors – take care not to plant too many, as they can be hard to control!

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Y Griega CBD by Medical Seeds is the perfect fusion designed to be purely medicinal; the relaxing effect of a Y Griega strain combined with a strain that’s high in CBD, making it even more medicinal if possible.

Growing Y Griega CBD Indoors

Outdoors you’ll be able to let it grow properly if you have enough space. It needs a properly prepared substrate to stay healthy. You can get up to 1kg of weed towards the end of October/beginning of November. It won’t yield much from the branches as most of its flowers grow along the central stem, which isn’t that common in sativa plants.

Indoors it does quite well, although you might want to top the plants or give them some shape as you’ll be able to control how much they grow and get most of the yield from the central stem. It’s practically identical to the original, non-CBD version. You’ll fall in love with its intense Haze flavor. You can get up to 700g with 12 plants per square meter using a 600w light after just 10 flowering weeks.

Y Griega CBD, Highly Medicinal Cannabis

Y Griega CBD by Medical Seeds has an intense, acidic flavor with hints of lemon. We highly recommend using this strain medicinally thanks to its high CBD and low THC.

Y griega cbd

This plant is the result of our collaboration with CBD Crew. The result of crossing our mother and a Greek cross plant with high CBD content and very little THC, have achieved the following stabilization to give the plant the ratio 1: 1 (THC: CBD). Levels can vary from 4 to 10, always with the ratio 1: 1 present.

It is a plant suitable for those who do not want or can not tolerate high levels of THC. Very suitable for creams, tinctures and other therapeutic consumables, by its moderate psychoactive effect. For more detailed information on all medicinal uses consult our website. Morphologically it is a robust plant bearing with broadleaf and vigorous growth. We do not recommend putting more than 16 plants per m2. It prefers organic nutrients against minerals, this not only improves flavor and aroma but also in performance. Its flavor and aroma is between acid and musky lemony touches.