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what is cbd crystals used for

What is cbd crystals used for

Depending on what you prefer, you can either consume the CBD by either ingesting or vaping. One difference is that vaping goes straight to the bloodstream, this means that when vaping CBD, the user will feel the CBD a lot faster than ingesting (30-90 minutes). In addition to this, if you ingest 500mg of CBD, you are not likely to absorb as much as inhaling.

The calculation is pretty simple, amount of mg in CBD divided by the amount of liquid mixed with equals to CBD mg per ml.

CBD crystals are CBD in its purest form, most containing 0% THC. For mixing crystals, it all depends on what you want the mg per ml to be. CBD crystals can be used in many ways whether it’s mixing with your favourite e-liquid or adding some with your favourite food, you can even sprinkle it in your beverage such as tea or coffee.

If you’re using 500mg CBD crystals you would calculate it by dissolving the 500mg in a 10ml, 20ml or even 50ml which give you the ratios of 50mg/ml or 5% CBD (10ml), 25mg/ml or 2.5% CBD (20ml), 5mg/ml or 0.5% CBD (50ml).


The easiest method of ingesting crystals is by dabbing them under the tongue or mixing with food and beverages. This can be measured by using kitchen scales or eyeballing. This method is a lot less accurate when trying to moderate the amount taken. Isolate powder dissolves and mixes a lot easier with drinks.

P.S. The more CBD used, the more chance of it recrystallising (isolate separating from liquid) which can clog your coil…

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CBD Crystal Drink and Vape

Here are a few examples of the ratios you would get when mixing crystals:

Here are a few tips when mixing:

What is cbd crystals used for

However, all three are the same thing, just in different physical forms, often attributed to the extraction method used.


Unfortunately, when CBD is isolated it contains none of the other compounds found in cannabis which work synergistically with cannabinoids.

How to use CBD crystals – 7 Suggestions

However, as CBD crystals are naturally tasteless, they easily infuse with terpenes for added flavour and effect.