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swiss cbd shop

Swiss cbd shop

Our CBD products are of the highest quality and extracted from organically farmed hemp from Switzerland by our proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction, refinement and decarboxylation processes.

Organic CBD skincare

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Organic CBC oil

Trusted vegan labelling by the Vegan Trademark.

Swiss cbd shop

At Naturalpes, our priority is to support our customers. Achieving the effects of well-being through the consumption of our products requires that you choose what you need. To do this, our experts are there to answer all your questions and guide you towards the right choice. You can reach us through the instant messenger on our website at the bottom right of the page or directly by phone at our customer service.


Naturalpes WELLNESS oil is the result of the first extraction of CBD cannabis flowers. Like RAW oil, WELLNESS oil contains all the cannabinoids present in the plant. It is then processed to isolate the THC in order to remove this active substance. Our Wellness oil therefore contains no trace of THC. For this reason, it is referred to as a broad spectrum oil and not a full spectrum oil. WELLNESS oil is a versatile oil that can be used on a daily basis, in a crisis or when you are suddenly feeling unwell. At Naturalpes, it is available in vials (CBD content of 5%, 13% or 20%) or in pens (CBD content of 32% or 47%).


A broad spectrum range: