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suzie’s cbd treats review

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I use the oil for my 7 year old

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Hi Alan, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are so happy to hear that Suzie's has been able to help your pups and hopeful that we will be able to be carried internationally in the future.

Our Chinese Crested has no longer had…

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Suzie's cbd treats review

The company’s hemp farm is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and utilized all organic farming practices. It is one of the few CBD companies to employ a vertically integrated manufacturing process. This means they manage the entire production process themselves – from seed to shelf. Suzie’s team grows the hemp, tends to the soil, harvests the plants by hand, performs the CBD extraction process, bakes and packages the treats. In this way, they have absolute control over the quality of their CBD pet treats and tinctures.

There aren’t many known interactions between CBD and prescription medications, but it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD or any supplement. Suzie’s Pet Treats even has a recommend a reputable vet that books phone consultations so you can speak to someone about a holistic approach to your pet’s medication needs.

Suzie’s Products Are Full-Spectrum

This is a general guideline and conservative estimate for pets taking CBD for the first time. You can always adjust the dose based on your pet’s response to the treat or tincture. CBD has a favorable safety profile based on scientific evidence, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to start low and slow. This gives your pet enough time to adjust to the product and for you to gauge how he or she feels after consuming CBD.

Even more, Suzie’s takes the extra step to have every single batch of product lab tested. Plus, the team at Suzie’s personally tests the products themselves. They wouldn’t sell anything before trying it first. Safety, purity, and consistency remain at the forefront of Suzie’s promise to customers and their furry companions.

Accurate Product Labeling to Determine Proper Dosing

Suzie’s hemp farm is open for public visits, and since they’re a cooperative business, they host volunteers who want to lend a hand and be part of the day to day farm activities.

Suzie's cbd treats review

I should probably write a whole other post on the important things I learned in my research last year, but for now, simply know that you can (and should) ASK your favorite CBD company to send you their certificate of analysis like the one below from Suzie's CBD Treats.

The certificate of analysis below for Suzie's CBD Treats March 2021 batch of CBD provides information on which cannabinoids get produced in the plants they grow. You can see that the independent testing company identified (at least trace amounts) of 15 cannabinoids. In CBD-world lingo, it's referred to as "full spectrum."

Until then, if you're in the market for CBD products for your pets, take a look at our new friends at Suzie's CBD Treats.

In my ongoing quest to support small businesses, I'm happy to share some intel on a *very local Colorado CBD company called Suzie's CBD Treats. They sell both CBD-infused treats for pets and CBD tincture drops. As you may recall, we use a combination of CBD drops and an over-the-counter med (meclizine) for motion sickness since both Tori and Stix get car-sick because of our long, winding drive down the canyon, and this combo works WAY better than the expensive veterinary prescription med for car-sick pets. Let's look at what makes products from Suzie's CBD Treats special. [Hint: They even sell special peanut butter for dogs with CBD in it.]

Suzie's CBD Treats Certificate of Analysis

Hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis, but the new rules from the 2018 Farm Bill on the legal status of plants comes from their biochemical / pharmacological qualities (rather than plant species). In a big veterinary magazine article I researched last year about CBD, I wrote the following: " . hemp is now defined as cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) with less than 0.3%, on a dry weight basis, of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol) — the psychoactive compound in marijuana. This percentage comes from tests done at harvest. In theory, and probably in reality, licensed growers could harvest marijuana plants early, before THC levels get too high, to fit the hemp classification."

Because of the ongoing COVD pandemic, I'm not taking the dogs anywhere, so I haven't had the chance to try Suzie's CBD Treats drops for Stix and Tori's car tummy troubles, but maybe we'll get to take a couple of adventures this summer after more people get vaccinated.

Here's what I like about the Suzie's CBD Treats version of cannabidiol (CBD) and the company itself:

Suzie's CBD Treats – a Colorado CBD Company

(Yes, this is a sponsored post.)

For perspective, experts estimate there are 600 cannabis molecules and of those more than 180 cannabinoids (and other compounds called terpenes and flavonoids) produced by plants classified as hemp.