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siskiyou sungrown cbd tincture

The relief came on in gradual waves. Within 15 or 20 minutes, I was able to navigate to the couch and huddle in one corner. Ten minutes after that, I was able to shift enough to snatch a blanket from the opposite armrest. Twenty or so minutes after that, I was pain-free enough to drift off to sleep, which, considering the pain I was in less than an hour prior, felt like a dang miracle.

The idea of medicating against an atmosphere is pretty dystopian, but the reality of our current surroundings are straight up bleak y’all, which is why my partner sometimes battles panic attacks before clocking into his job as a laborer. One dose of this oil before work calms his psyche enough for him to complete an incredibly physically demanding shift without negatively impacting his dexterity, stamina, or competence.

Nonplussed by the flavor, as one tends to be in such a state, I then laid down on the kitchen floor and cried until activation.

The next morning, with only a shadow of the migraine skulking in the back of my head, I needed no recovery time and was able to meet each of my own overscheduled activities. I was already sold on THC therapy for epic pain events, but after testing Siskiyou Sungrown, I will confidently reach for this specific remedy over any OTC — or even prescription pain reliever — for the foreseeable future.

THC Cannabis Oil

The viscous oil within can be pushed out in tiny, raindrop-sized globules that can be applied to a food item or eaten alone. The look may be intimidating initially, but the application is uncomplicated enough to distract from the implication of a syringe full of black tar.

Inside the envelopes are plastic needleless syringes filled with one milliliter of thick, black, tar-like extract, the rich amber color indicative of an unadulterated, whole-plant extraction rich with botanical compounds.

These products may be displayed in pot shops alongside more celebratory recreational edibles, but make no mistake, this product is a brilliant reminder that the efficacy of THC — and CBD — as plant medicine is just as thrilling as the potential for THC as a magic carpet ride.

First impression

Before the evening I dosed myself with the THC Cannabis Oil, I’d had a persistent headache for most of the afternoon. I attributed this to an over-scheduled work week. It wasn’t until bedtime that the minor tension at the base of my skull blossomed into a full-blown brain implosion. I took to my hands and knees and crawled from the bedroom to my work area and blindly grasped at samples until my fingers locked around the familiar rectangular envelope of the oil. I dosed myself by feel alone, applying only the gentlest pressure to push a single globule up from the syringe and onto my tongue.

Siskiyou Sungrown’s slim paper packages are straightforward and unassuming. Its distinct shape — a long, rectangular envelope with Siskiyou’s golden sunrise logo decorating the right half — stands out on a dispensary shelf. The language on the labels is plain and easy to decipher considering many consumers will open this package and immediately need specific instructions on how to use such a divisive-looking product.

One fluid ounce bottles. 128 servings.

CBD Tincture

This THC-Rich Cannabis Tincture is our pure, resinous THC oil dissolved in organic cane alcohol. All the potency and purity of Siskiyou Sungrown Cannabis Oil in a traditional tincture. Each batch is made from a blend of several of our high THC strains that contain a small amount of CBD, chosen to provide the most complex cannabinoid profile for maximum benefit.

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