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run cbd

Run cbd

1. Take it Nightly
Most people will take the sublingual drops a night to help them wind down and have a good night of sleep. We know that quality sleep is one of the key components to good health and workout recovery, so this can help with that while also working on inflammation.

Now, having tested out three different varieties of drops, a few different creams and salves over the last year, my ultimate choice is Resilience CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Honestly, once I decided to dive in I was a little confused by the CBD sublingual drops, the creams, the lotions and the salves. What did I need, how much and when!

With Resilience Sport Cream, you notice the smell for about 2-3 minutes a max. Meaning it genuinely vanishes unlike some of the others that claim to. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, but matters to me!!

How to use CBD oil?

Yup so why not buddy up, one of you try it first then the other…I mean you’ll both be convinced you need it forever after 30 days, but this feels like an easy way to start!

Run cbd

The process:

One final thing to note with the advent of iOS 14.5 is that Facebook now asks companies to claim the domain associated with their brand page, and requires a domain to be claimed prior to accepting any new ad campaigns from that brand.

Option 1: Segment Your Ecommerce Site to Focus on CBD Topicals

All of the strategies outlined above require some effort from your brand, and as always, approval ultimately depends on Facebook and Facebook alone. However, all three of these strategies can offer increased sales, brand awareness, or both: The best option for you simply depends on your brand’s risk tolerance and business goals.

Which Ad Approval Method Is Best for My CBD Business?

In addition to any of these options, we strongly suggest that social advertising be used to complement a fully compliant programmatic ad campaign, which you can learn more about in our white paper on Digital Ads for Cannabis & CBD.