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remedy cbd strain

Remedy cbd strain

As a purely medicinal flower, Remedy CBD may be a perfect choice for those who are sensitive to THC but still would like to enjoy all the analgesic effects that this cannabis plant has to offer.

After the first inhale, some users have reported an immediate calming and warming sensation that overwhelms the body. Due to having very little or no psychoactive effects, consumers have enjoyed Remedy CBD for its relaxing and mood-altering high that allows the mind to stay clear while stressful and intrusive thoughts seem to disappear. Others have enjoyed Remedy CBD for therapeutic relief in pain management, sleep disorders, mood enhancement, appetite loss, and GI issues.

Well cured batches of Remedy CBD will produce dense, olive green and oblong shaped buds coated in a light dusting of trichomes and sparse amber pistils. When broken apart, this strain gives off a unique and pungent aroma filled with an earthy, fruity, and piney mix while its taste is citrusy and savory, having notes of pine, pepper, and cloves.

Remedy CBD is bred by crossing the two strains Cannatonic, and Afghan Skunk. Dominant terpenes found in this strain are Myrcene, Alpha- Humulene, and Pinene.

Remedy cbd strain

Experienced users may look to consume it in greater quantities in the evening to help with sleep. Again, we must remind you to go low and slow at first to see how you react to this strain.

The thing about CBD is that a large amount could assist with insomnia. In contrast, smaller amounts could increase your energy levels. Even though it has a low-THC content, it is wise to use Remedy sensibly. Please find out how it affects you before considering an increase in dosage.

Users looking for a cannabis strain that provides possible medical benefits with minimal intoxication should consider Remedy. It has an extremely high CBD content with very little THC. MMJ patients use it to reduce stress and tackle depression. Some users also suggest that this strain can help alleviate chronic pain.

The high CBD content means you could try Remedy to see if it helps with chronic pain.

Medical Benefits of the Remedy Strain

There aren’t many strains on the market with a higher CBD content than Remedy. It has between 12% and 18% CBD with an average of 15%.

The effects that you feel take a relatively long time to appear. After several minutes, you might notice a complete sense of relaxation and possibly a touch of sedation. The body high you feel is potentially enough to help you fall asleep.

Remedy helps you stay calm and improves your mood without causing a high


If you choose to grow it outside, bear in mind that it requires a semi-humid Mediterranean climate. In this instance, your Remedy plants should be ready for harvest by the end of September. Outdoors, it produces a yield of around 14 ounces of bud per plant.

Proponents of CBD suggest that it is ideal for helping with medical conditions. And there is enough THC in Remedy to help users benefit from the entourage effect. While recreational users may enjoy the feeling of relaxation, most will opt for an intoxicating strain.

Remedy cbd strain

Remedy strain was created by the famous and reputed breeders who call themselves “the founders of the CBD movement.” This team, Resin Seeds, initially created one extremely popular weed used for relaxation and pleasant smooth “high,” the Cannatonic strain. That pot was almost perfect, but not ideal, the breeders were looking for a purely medicinal CBD marijuana.

In this Remedy review, we’ll tell you about this weed in more detail.

So, they took the mother clone of Cannatonc and asked their colleagues from Mr. Nice Seeds to contribute a father strain. That was Afghan Skunk, known for its specific smell and relaxing properties. Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds even created the joint venture to work on the new cultivars, CBD Crew. All in all, they got the hybrid that possessed all qualities they needed — high CBD level, almost zero THC, and significant therapeutic powers, and named it Remedy.

As you can see, you can replace almost the entire home medicine box with the Remedy CBD pot.

Remedy CBD Lineage

Remedy strain belongs to the family of medicinal cannabis cultivars, and it was specially bred for this purpose. This is why those users who prefer THC-strong pot with the pronounced “high” effect do not choose Remedy. And on the contrary, the users, who like smooth and slow onset with no psychoactive outcomes, have made Remedy their best-seller. However, there are many reasons to choose this strain when you are looking for friendly, not superpotent, recreational cannabis. Remedy CBD Mary Jane is one of the best helpers when it comes to relaxation and meditation.

Like any medicinal drug, marijuana has active ingredients and a very delicate production process. You cannot understand its advantageous properties fully without understanding its chemistry, genealogy, and genetics. Here is the Remedy’s basic info:

Yet, the main reason why people choose Remedy is its therapeutic powers. To name but a few, here are the physical ailments this weed helps with:

Remedy CBD Appearance And Consistency

The cured Remedy CBD strain buds have a traditional to the hemp woody smell that reminds you of a bonfire. The odor of the fresh soil dominates all others, but with time, you notice the hints of pine and lime. When you grind them or break up with your fingers, you reveal stronger piny notes with the bright lemon and pepper. The first impression is delightful, like the spring breeze of the fresh air in the woods.

The first seconds with Remedy bring you the warming and cozy blanket of bodily and mental relaxation. You start breathing deeply and slowly and feel the restorative action of Remedy with every cell of your body. The race of thoughts stops, but you do not want to lay on the couch and sleep. Vice versa, you have the energy to cope with any problem, but you do not feel any stress or anxiety.