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quantum cbd h2o benefits

Quantum cbd h2o benefits

Our Quantum CBD H2O is certified with NO THC, NO GMO’s, NO SOLVENTS OR PESTICIDES – second to none in the world.

Anti-inflammatory qualities ease aches and pains

Neutralize free radicals to promote healthier skin and immune system

Quantum CBD H20 – Hemp Infused Water

Quantum cbd h2o benefits

And an expensive one: CBD Living Water charges $10 for a 500 ml bottle of water that contains 4 mg of CBD. A 12-pack of Quantum CBD’s water sells for $75; each 500 ml bottle contains 10 mg of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Boris Baňas, founder of, agrees that Europeans will likely be put off by the high price of CBD water. But a bigger obstacle, he says, is the EU’s novel foods rules. “If done properly, I mean using proper carriers, CBD can become solubilised in water – not soluble, however,” he explained. “As, usually, isolate is used for this process, it blocks entry into the EU drinks market due to conflicts with the novel foods regulation.” That regulation considers all hemp extracts as novel foods, requiring them to undergo stringent and costly authorisation processes.


CBD topicals and cosmetics are relatively easy to formulate and are far less regulated than pharmaceuticals, he added.

Formats in favour

CBD water is usually made using nanotechnology to produce CBD particles one-millionth of their original size so they can be evenly encapsulated and infused into water. In theory, these nanoparticles move through cells quickly and provide high bioavailability. Proponents say this means a large proportion of the CBD that’s in the water makes its way into the drinker’s body rapidly and enters the digestive tract more effectively.