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>>> CBD Series – Heavy-Duty Commercial Baseboard Heaters

QMark provides a wide range of electric, radiant and infrared heaters for residential, commercial and industrial use. Products range from specially designed heating units for installation in concealed spaces to garage heaters, baseboard heaters, unit heaters and more.

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Qmark Engineered Products

Qmark cbd

than as shown in this manual.

removed from heater before installing.

Make sure electrical power supply circuit coming to heater
is disconnected at main disconnect or service panel before
installing this heater.

15. Heater may be mounted on finished floor or may be mount-

T1 or T2 Thermostat Accessory

other flammable vapors or liquids in the vicinity of the

NOTE: This heater can be wired in either the right or left hand
junction box. See Table 1 for wiring compartment volumes.

could allow heater to become a fire hazard – see heater
wiring diagrams Figures 6 and 10.

10. Do not recess heater in wall or install heater inside any type