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private label cbd gummies

Private label cbd gummies

We now offer Liposomal Formulations in our White Label and Blank Bottle program.

Note, however, that its absorption through the digestive system means that the CBD will take longer to take effect. Nevertheless, CBD gummies provide the same health benefits as other CBD products, allowing your customers to support their general health and well-being.

We have no Minimum Order Quantity for our White Label and Blank Bottle formulations.

Customized labels can be affixed to the front and back of each pouch, or pouches can be printed with your brand’s artwork.

Non GMO – Vegan Friendly

Alongside the unique benefits of being delicious, convenient, and subtle, CBD gummies are also effective. They work in pretty much the same way as any other CBD product, with the CBD being delivered to the endocannabinoid system.

Private Label Partners is one of the largest vertically integrated suppliers and distributors of supplements, tinctures, topicals, pet care and bulk CBD products, with and without THC.

For one, a lot of people dislike the taste of CBD oil. There are, of course, flavored CBD oils that you can buy to cover up the taste, but the flavors are often quite subtle and do not entirely cover up the earthy taste of CBD. As a result, some people prefer to find a consumption method that is much tastier. The obvious solution is CBD candy!

Dairy Free

Gummies are incredibly convenient. They can be carried in a pouch without ever having to worry about leakage. Furthermore, they only take a minute to chew on and swallow. While dropping CBD oil under the tongue can be sort of tricky to get the hang of, eating gummy bears is something that we can all do.

We offer a selection of vitamin and herbal preparations without CBD.

A lot of our white label clients prefer edibles over CBD oil tinctures (and other forms of CBD products like balms, sprays, ointments, etc) because they taste better to most consumers.

It’s so important when choosing CBD gummies to only buy from quality, reputable manufacturers with transparent and proven extraction methods and a good reputation in the industry.

Some manufacturers, for example, pump harsh solvents like butane and hexane through raw hemp in order to extract the plant’s active compounds. While effective, this can lead to dangerous chemical residues being left over in the final product.

Similar to our CBD oils, CBD gummies are edibles loaded with CBD. They are 100% all-natural and do not contain any THC. This means that they can be shipped to nearly all 50 states. Our CBD gummies are not sprayed, the cannabidiol is saturated in. Beware of what you are buying while sourcing your gummy supplier. There are a lot of companies out there spraying CBD (isolate) onto the gummies. This is bad, your body will not uptake much of that at all.

*Our gummies and chocolates are 100% all natural so they have to be stored in a cool, dark, and dry location. They don’t do well over 70F (26C) so keep this in mind if you are shipping to warm climates.