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Hello friends, my name is Edmond Hawkins. I’m a professional CBD laboratory production and manufacturing formulation specialist for a large dispensary in Denver, Colorado, U.S.


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Pennsylvania has one of the largest CBD markets, offering the top-quality CBD oils. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the best places for buying CBD, but we also recommend you to take a look at the shops located in New Jersey and Delaware.

The purchase and consumption of medical cannabis were legalized in Pennsylvania in 2016. To have the right to buy it, patients must be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions and have a prescription from the licensed physician. Recreational use of cannabis is still not legal in Pennsylvania, but most of the state’s major cities have adopted laws decriminalizing its use (including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia). Due to the legality of medical cannabis, marijuana-derived CBD products are also legal for the residents of Pennsylvania who meet the qualifying conditions. Otherwise, the use of marijuana-derived CBD is forbidden.

We should note that hemp-derived CBD is totally legal in Pennsylvania. Therefore, a wide range of CBD products can be purchased in one of the many CBD stores that have been popping up all over the state. The majority of CBD  shops are concentrated in the above-mentioned cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The latter has observed a significant increase in popularity of hemp-extracted CBD products over the last few years, which can be explained by the city’s younger population. CBD oils, foods and drinks are especially popular among the local residents.

Do you live in Pennsylvania? Do you have a loved one with chronic pain or anxiety that CBD Oil could help? Have you considered buying CBD oil from a medical marijuana dispensary, but are worried about the legality of it? Well don’t worry! You can buy CBD oil without getting arrested for possession. In this blog post, we will cover where to purchase your CBD oils in Pennsylvania and how to stay out of trouble.

Pennsylvania is one of the toughest states to get CBD oil in. But not impossible! The state has only three medical marijuana dispensaries, which means a long drive for many patients who don’t live on or near Philadelphia (one dispensary) and Pittsburgh (two dispensaries). However, there are several other options available to you if you would like to purchase your oils from outside a medical cannabis dispensary:

Option # One – Order Online

The most convenient way to buy CBD Oil online is through Amazon Prime. There are dozens of products at different price points depending on how much pain relief you need. Plus they come with free shipping so it couldn’t be easier! To find what’s currently available check out this link here . You can also click on the image below to see what is currently available on Amazon.

Option # Two – Buy CBD Oil On Social Media Groups and Craigslist

You can find several Facebook groups of people that buy and sell their CBD oils in Pennsylvania through social media channels such as Facebook. Just search for “where to purchase your CBD oil” or something similar, join a few groups, then ask around if anyone wants to meet up somewhere discreet like at a gas station or Dunkin Donuts parking lot (be sure you are not meeting someone out in the middle of nowhere). The same idea applies with Craigslist too! Search online classifieds for ads labeled specifically as “buying my CBD oil,” contact them about purchasing it from them directly outside a safe location such as a Starbucks.

Option # Three – Buy CBD Oil from an Online Dispensary (Not Recommended)

Purchasing your CBD oil online is not recommended for several reasons: First of all, there isn’t much variety in products to choose from and the quality of these oils are usually subpar compared to what you would find at a medical dispensary. Also, it could be illegal depending on where you live since many state laws prohibit using the internet for cannabis related purchases. Last but not least, ordering or receiving any kind of cannabis-related product through mail can result in lengthy prison sentences if caught by authorities which makes this option very risky! Not worth saving $20 bucks when you have so much more to lose! If this sounds like something you would like to do, check out this article here for more info.

Option # Four – Grow Your Own CBD Plants! (Not Recommended)

We are not the biggest advocates of growing your own plants due to legal risks and overall difficulty in doing so compared with other options we mentioned above but felt it was still worth mentioning as an option if all else fails. Growing hemp isn’t difficult at all and is actually quite fun too! It’s a great hobby that provides benefits beyond just the oils themselves such as clothes, food, paper products etc.. You can learn everything about how to grow them right from the comfort of your home through online videos on YouTube or even classes near where you live taught by local experts who usually give away starter plants to beginners for free! Just remember that growing hemp is only legal in some states and/or countries, so be sure to visit this website here first before you decide on which option will work best for your situation.

Option # Five – Buy CBD Oil at a Local Dispensary (Recommended)

The final and recommended way of purchasing CBD oils in Pennsylvania is by visiting one of the three medical marijuana dispensaries located within the state. All three dispensaries are listed below with addresses, hours of operations, as well as telephones numbers in case you would like further information about their products or need help placing an order over the phone:

From our experience working directly with patients from all over America, we can confidently say that purchasing your oils directly at a dispensary is the safest and most effective way of doing so. Not only that, but you can also save up to 35% off retail prices when buying them in person compared to online or through social media channels! Just keep in mind that each state has different laws regarding medical marijuana use, cultivation for personal growth, etc…