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otto ii cbd

Otto ii cbd

Terpenes include a-Pinene, b-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene and a whopping percentage of the ever-resonant Farnesene. Each of these unique terpenoids contribute to Otto II’s incredible effects and alluring aromas.

These nugs come from one of the most stable indoor CBD hemp mothers around and are sativa dominant for optimal serenity. Stay chill without the couch lock and scratch that cerebral itch you’ve been wanting to dig at.

A centennial sensation, Otto II Premium hemp flower possesses an irresistible combination of fragrances and a heady mix of restorative effects. This CBD-rich hybrid strain satisfies one and all with its odoriferous buds and its ambrosial flavor profile.

This premium bud will mellow you out without leaving you drooling or spacing. An unusually vigorous and weather resistant strain, Otto II is maximized for potency and offers all of the relaxation of other strains with all of the ponderousness the inquisitive smoker could want.

Sweet, uplifting, fruity and fun, Otto II Premium hemp flower is resinous and radical. With a one-of-a-kind terpene profile and full spectrum effects, Otto II will make for a deeply expressive and ecstatic experience.

Featuring frosty tips to rival those of Guy Fieri and a floral finish that will leave you swooning, Otto II Premium is a paragon of artisanal splendor. Expect hints of green apple, wintergreen and magnolia.

Pairs nicely with our Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower as both are fruity and fantastic on their own and even better as a team.

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1 gram of Otto ll Live Resin

Otto ll is another one of our new 1 gram Live Resins! Otto ll has a woody/floral aroma and it’s high in both CBD & Cannabinoids. It tested high in the terpenes Cedrol (2.13%), Bisabolol (0.63%), & Caryophyllene (0.62%).

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