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oregon cbd co albany or

We are a federally-legal cannabis research and development company, operating in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows our company to permanently work with unlimited plant numbers and fully explore the diversity and malleability contained in the cannabis genus. Our primary product is scientific knowledge, but we strive to put our best findings into farmers’ hands in the form of world class, award winning, non-GMO, and organic certified hemp seeds for production purposes. From all of us here at Oregon CBD, thank you for your interest in our work. We’re excited to share our newest creations with you and your farm as we collectively work to make the 21st century cannabis revolution a reality.

Oregon cbd co albany or

Review by Tifaney Bailey

Review by Dwight Mackey

Had a great experience here today. We needed cbd oil for our dogs and they had an entire section of products just for pets! The lady in the shop today was very knowledgeable on the products and was able to help us pick out just what we needed within our budget.

What is a CBD Store?

Review by Tami Holdredge

Review by Patricia Bronson

The cbd eucalyptus soap is amazing. Great lady that helped us. Just wish I’d saved the wrapping. Don’t remember where it’s made.

Oregon CBD Co. on 1989 Santiam Hwy SE

Review by jay allen

Great selection. A little expensive. Good customer experience.

Oregon cbd co albany or

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Responsible for creating all necessary social media platforms for the Oregon CBD Co.

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Artistically designed and helped bring the brand to life.