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og laboratories cbd reddit

Og laboratories cbd reddit

I use it to hel manage my chronic pain, but the quality control with their pods is completely terrible. Pods leak, it's been a different pod style every time I buy, and most recently the pods don't even stay/fit in my OVNS device – the little cavity in the bottom of the pod is too deep for the contacts to connect. Their customer service doesn't even respond to emails – and this last time I ordered directly from their website since the local shop was out.

Have anyone come across anything comperable to OG Labs pods? They offer a 500mg pack of pods which works out to 125mg/ml, which seems to be rather high from what I've seen looking around. This would be a 3750mg 30ml bottle. And I don't think I've ever come across that high.

I'm just hoping I can find something comperable so I can move away from this company. Thank you!

Og laboratories cbd reddit

Yeah that’s how I’m feeling about it. It’s also kind of concerning because it seems like no one on this sub has had any experience with the brand.

If it feels like a synth then I probably is. Id throw that shit out

I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet, like I said it’s almost feeling like effects of synthetic marijuana, which is why I want to know if they are a trustworthy brand or not.

I know I should have researched this before purchasing. But how trustworthy is og labs cbd? Im not finding any results or reviews. I got some of the juul pods and tried one and I think I’m feeling that speedy synthetic marijuana feel. It could just be my imagination, but for those who have tried this brand before: what are your impressions?