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nano cbd drops

Nano cbd drops

Corona, California-based CBD company CBD Living utilizes nanotechnology for their flagship product, CBD Living Water, as well as topicals, gummies, and others. Chief Operating Officer Sean McDonald said that the company decided to utilize nanoemulsions because of its reported ability to increase bioavailability and speed up the absorption rate. And the customers, he said, feel better, quicker.

CBD is non-intoxicating and reported to ease a wide range of conditions, and consumers are flocking to the cannabinoid to help relieve chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and even skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Even restaurants and cafes are jumping in on this wellness trend, adding it to smoothies or mocktails for a few extra bucks, while chefs are adding CBD to their menus (though officials in cities like New York are cracking down on the practice). Even mainstream stores like Walgreens and CVS are jumping on the bandwagon, stocking their shelves with CBD products.

Kurek adds, “Nano CBD is a CBD molecule packaged in nano-carriers that are the size of about 100 nanometers — or one-billionth of a meter — which allows the “package” to stay in the body for a longer time and to slowly release the intact CBD in the targeted tissue.” To illustrate his point, he mentions a 2017 study that reported a 600% increase in bioavailability of oral Nano CBD compared to CBD in a rat model.

Like any trend, nano CBD has its skeptics.

this is the nano CBD cocktail I made with grapefruit and rosemary. I am with the company so I did some promo shots for them because I am a nice lady who would like to be rich one day— mommy’s special computer time (@sistersleaze) December 31, 2019

But nano CBD exists in a world with such a confounding range of CBD products available that can be found in the oddest of places — like the neighborhood bodega, alongside the condoms and Five Hour Energy packets — it begs the question: Is nano CBD a genuine innovation, or a gimmick to help companies differentiate themselves from the pack?

Acknowledging that the onset of nanoparticles takes about half as long as regular CBD, he also notes that the molecule spends about half as much time in your system. “Practically speaking, is that much different than taking a stronger dose? I don’t know that consumers would find it [nano CBD] much different.”

The technology used in Nano CBD isn’t new.

Dr. Itzhak Kurek, Ph.D., is the co-founder and CEO of Cannformatics, a Northern California biotech company using saliva metabolomics technology to personalize medical cannabis treatment. Weedmaps spoke with Kurek to learn more about nanoparticles and the science behind them.

What this means is that, theoretically, a person who consumes nano CBD as opposed to regular CBD may feel the effects more quickly. Dr. Mary Clifton, an NYC-based MD specializing in internal medicine, is also a CBD and cannabis expert and has worked with medical marijuana patients for more than 20 years in Michigan and New York State respectively.

Nano cbd drops

Despite the low dosage, Tommy Chong’s CBD products are not cheap. At $60 per bottle, they’re more expensive than we would expect, given the ingredients and dosages.

Tommy Chong’s CBD claims its CBD will impact your body more quickly than competing formulas. You’ll enjoy an “early onset effect” you would not get with competing products.

Tommy Chong’s CBD offers its same CBD but in the form of a capsule. You can pop the capsules daily to get your regular dose of CBD.

Tommy credits marijuana with saving his life. He claims marijuana has kept him healthy throughout his later years. He performed on Dancing With The Stars at 81 years of age. He still spends days in airplanes, tour buses, clubs, conferences, theaters, and studios. He even does his own stunts.

Downsides of Tommy Chong’s CBD

If you are unhappy with how Tommy Chong’s CBD products worked, then contact the company and return the bottles (even if they’re empty) to receive a full refund.

Tommy Chong’s CBD is the only CBD company publicly backed by Tommy Chong. He claims 99% of CBD products are bad. They don’t contain the right active ingredients at the correct dosages. Tommy is passionate about cannabis and CBD, claiming it saved his life. Today, Tommy Chong’s CBD is the only CBD company endorsed and led by Tommy Chong.

Whether you want 3mg of CBD per serving or a bottle with 3,000mg of CBD, Tommy Chong’s CBD has multiple dosage options.

Faster Absorption & Fast Effects:

Tommy Chong’s CBD offers two nano CBD formulas, including Good Vibes and Nice Dreams. You can buy these formulas in the form of tinctures or energy shots.

Tommy Chong’s CBD offers several topical CBD formulas, including muscle freeze gels and muscle balms at different dosage options. You apply the products directly to your skin, allowing the active ingredients to enter your body to soothe and relax your muscles.