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mixing terpenes with cbd oil

Mixing terpenes with cbd oil

We have a breakdown of each terpene isolate within our profiles for those who are looking at specific effects this will help you (or ask us we are happy to help).

Terpenes are HIGHLY concentrated plant compounds (think essential oils, but way more potent!) so a little goes a LONG way. Let that last statement sink in. a LITTLE is all you need, add to much and it will ruin the whole experience (and your beverage or your bud)

Want to vape terpenes solo? You can do that too! Just remember they are light and volatile so a low temperature is best. You want to add the terpenes to a base, ask us for ones we recommend that are free of PG, PEG, VG and even MCT. We do offer ones that are fruit derived and won’t harm you when vaped, they also won’t affect the taste or aroma of the profile you have chosen and NO high.

Using concentrate? Just add 1-5% of the total weight (we suggest starting around 2% and see how you do) When using concentrates we grab one that is supposed to taste just like the strain or profile it was named after, unfortunately many are disappointed by the lack of aroma or taste, this is because during the refining process a lot of the terpes are stripped. This is where terpene isolates or profiles come in handy. You can match the terpene profile to the strain (like Jack Herer or Granddaddy Purple) you add back in what was stripped including the aroma and taste (oh and boost the medicinal benefits to!)

Linalool: Think lavender and sleep. Want help sleeping this is the one, it’s great for stress and anxiety too.

Beta – Caryophyllene: This peppery terp goes both ways, it can be invigorating but also relaxing. Some like to add this one when they are looking to calm down the stronger effects of some cannabis strains. This terp is the exception to a few rules. It plays well with ALL other terpenes, and is the only terpene shown to directly activate CB2 receptors in the brain. It acts almost like cannabis in this regard, even though it isn’t.

Myrcene: Has a sweet subtle aroma, This ones great to help THC cross the blood brain barrier (which you are not going to want for teens). It’s one of our top picks for pain management and stress.

Mixing terpenes with cbd oil

Shatter is a rather potent concentrate as it goes through an additional filtration process to remove waxes and oils. Sadly, this means the terpenes get filtered out too, but we can replace them by adding about 0.02 grams per gram of shatter.

With a sharp yet sweet pine scent, pinene is the terpene we need if we’re looking to increase our focus and alertness. Out of these six most common terpenes, this one is the best choice if we need to “broaden our minds.”

As one of the spicier terpenes, caryophyllene may have an invigorating effect on the user. However, it’s often used to actually reduce the effects of some stronger cannabis strains.

Evidently, adding terpenes to our cannabis products may not require much skill. However, it does mean we have to be patient enough to try and test the effects each time. The lowest amounts of terpenes may not fit each user out there, and some adjustments will have to be made.

Adding Terpenes to Dabs (Cannabis Concentrates)

Butane hash oil, however, requires a different approach. We would first have to pour it into a glass jar or on a silicone mat and then add 1–3 drops of terpenes. After mixing, or rather, folding and stirring, with a glass or metal tool (or a magnetic stirrer) until the mixture is homogeneous, we should be able to see whether the taste and the smell are just how we like them. If they aren’t, we can keep adding more drops until we get the desired results.

As highly aromatic organic compounds, terpenes are actually the stuff we smell in plants and what gives them their characteristic scents. Whenever we get a whiff of a freshly peeled orange or the pine growing just beside our window, for instance, the fragrance we detect is actually a combination of terpenes of a particular plant.

There are a few ways we can use terpenes with buds. As mentioned, we can always moisten some dry buds by adding 1–2 drops of the oil per gram of flower. Alternatively, we could lightly coat our pipe bowl with it — about 0.2 mm should be enough.

4. Linalool

In case we’re using a grinder, we can add a bit of the oil first (or oil the grinder lightly), then grind the bud and smoke or vape it.

Also found in thyme, mango, cardamom, ylang-ylang, citrus, bay leaves, and lemongrass.