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mary’s cbd oil

Mary's cbd oil

If you’ve never visited the Mary’s Medicinals website before, you might get a little confused when searching for the CBD tincture. Indeed, we did a double-take when analyzing the brand for our Mary’s Medicinals CBD oil review.

Final Verdict – 8.5/10

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oil Review

The patch Mary’s Medicinals created in 2013 was apparently the world’s first cannabis transdermal patch. The brand uses cannabis extract in its products, so they aren’t available in every state. You require a medical marijuana card to purchase these products unless you live in a state where the plant is recreationally legal. If you want to buy CBD from hemp, check out the brand’s sister company, Mary’s Nutritionals.

Where to Buy Mary’s Medicinals Products?

Although the brand seems to have a limited number of categories, it does sell quite a few products. Its CBD and CBN capsules come in a 5-pack or a 30-pack, with each pill containing 10mg of the chosen cannabinoids. Apart from the cannabis extract and terpenes, the capsules contain powdered cellulose and are vegan-friendly.

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