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making cbd isolate

Making cbd isolate

To make CBD isolate, extract the significant, organic components by use of ethanol, butane, or CO2. The hemp biomass is added to an extraction column where it is combined with the solvent of choice that will strip the cannabinoids, terpenes, fats and waxes from the plant itself. This will create a crude oil that contains all of the plant components before they are refined to create distillate and isolate products.

The main difference between the three types of concentrates is the presence of cannabinoids in the hemp extract. Depending on the levels of CBD, Delta-9 THC and other cannabinoids, a product can be called full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate. Let’s look at each of these products in more detail.

The first technique is chromatography which separates out the CBD from the THC while maintaining the phytonutrients, terpenes, pigments, and natural plant components that are thought to contribute to the “Entourage Effect.”


CBD isolation methods define the equipment, the solvent or combination of solvents to be used for extraction. Isolation methods also define critical method variables such as:

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Winterization will be the next phase in the procedure particularly if CO2 is the method of choice. This entails the removal of certain fatty, protein-dense nutrients from the CBD extract. Getting rid of extra wax build-up and excess, unwanted chlorophyll will enhance the quality, grade, and pureness of your CBD isolate.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Typically the method is defined and then is tested for repeatability, robustness, reproductive capability, accuracy, precision, yield, and optionally linearity. These validation studies are critical for understanding the validity of the results using the method that has been defined by the manufacturing organization.

A good habit to implement as a routine is to regularly check the labeling and production formulation information of every CBD product you buy. Particularly, gaining information about the company you are purchasing from is beneficial.

Making cbd isolate

CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD, often in the form of a white powder that can be mixed into drinks or taken sublingually. This option is often popular among people who are just beginning to explore the use of cannabis or hemp derived products or looking to avoid the euphoric high associated with THC. It is also a great option for people who want hyper-accurate doses of CBD and the flexibility to create their own customized mixtures in their preferred carrier oil or liquid.

Steps on How To Make CBD Isolate

Winterization is the process of removing the fats, waxes and chlorophyll from the extract. Not removing these will lower the percentage and purity of the targeted CBD compound we are trying to capture. To achieve winterization you are essentially cooling down the extract to sub-zero temperatures with a solvent. Then, maintaining that chilled environment for a period of time in order for the lipids (fats and waxes) to coagulate and separate from the crude oil – now termed ‘miscella’.

Step 2: Winterization

Once winterization has been completed it is necessary to now quickly filter those fats and waxes we coagulated from the miscella. A filter press is used with the assistance of a vacuum pump to pull the miscella mixture through a series of filter plates. Fats, waxes, etc are collected in one vessel and the desired miscella in another.