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Once appointed as a JP, ongoing training is required under the Code of Conduct for JPs, to maintain your skills and knowledge expected by the community.

An applicant must satisfy the following criteria for appointment:

Candidates offered an appointment to become a JP must complete the course within 12 months of the offer. Failure to complete the pre-appointment training within 12 months may result in the offer of appointment lapsing.

The course is designed to prepare successful applicants for the community work they will undertake and includes training in:

Pre Appointment Training Course

Prospective applicants should be aware that this course must be successfully completed before they can be appointed as a JP.

The North Metropolitan TAFE offers courses both ‘on campus’ and by online modules. The on campus courses are scheduled for a whole week at least twice a year. There are monthly intakes for the online course. Students who choose to enrol in the course by online modules have 15 weeks to complete.

Applicants should consider the commitment required to complete this short course before proceeding with their application to become a JP. Further information is available below on the advantages and disadvantages of both in-class and correspondence learning.

In certain circumstances, it may also be available for current JPs. The course is funded by the Department of Justice.

The Justice of the Peace (JP) training course is only available to people who have been recommended for appointment as a JP by the Attorney General.

Justice of the Peace
A Justice of the Peace (JP) service is available at CAB’s Perth office Monday-Friday 9:30 am-3:30 pm. JPs can witness or certify documents for you. There is no charge to see a JP. You do not need to make an appointment to use the service, but you may need to wait at peak times. We can photocopy documents for the JP to witness or certify for a small fee.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

WA No Interest Loan Scheme
One step forward, two steps back. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many low-income earners when it comes to applying for and managing credit.

Tax Help is operated by a network of ATO-trained and accredited community volunteers who provide a free and confidential service to help people complete their tax returns online using myTax.


WA NILS is a not for profit organisation here to keep you moving forward. WA NILS grant small loans (between $200-$1500) at 0% interest to help those who need it most.

What can volunteers help me with?
Volunteers can help you lodge your tax return online with myTax or claim a refund of franking credits. If our volunteers work out that you don’t need to lodge a tax return, they can help you complete a non-lodgment advice. Volunteers are unable to help you with amendments.

Tax Help (July-October)
If you need help to lodge your tax return, you may be eligible for the ATO’s Tax Help program. The Tax Help program normally runs between July-October and is available at selected CAB branches.

CAB partnered with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Office to implement a free administrative service providing assistance to victims of crimes who are applying for compensation.

However, you do not need a JP to witness a Statutory Declaration. Professions that can witness statutory declarations include: