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is cbd oil legal in israel

Is cbd oil legal in israel

A decision is made by the director, and the patient has the ability to appeal a rejection to the appeal committee.

Israel has a well-earned reputation as a global leader in cannabis research (Shutterstock)

If the presiding physician believes the patient needs more cannabis, they can submit a request to increase the prescription to 30 grams per month. The patient can also submit a request to receive up to 100 grams per month.

What Israeli law permits for medical patients

In July, 2021, Israeli lawmakers rejected a bill that would have decriminalized recreational marijuana use. The bill had already been approved by the government’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation, and a year earlier, two other bills to regulate use and sales passed preliminary readings in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

Patients can also receive THC rich, high CBD/low THC, and CBD oil as part of their prescription.

Costs of medical marijuana in Israel

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, the preliminary monthly prescription is for up to 20 grams of flower per month, in which “the concentration of active ingredients is the lowest.”

Cannabis is legal for medical use in Israel and the country has implemented decriminalization policies for small-scale possession charges. And while the promise of legal recreational cannabis in the Promised Land has been deferred for now, legalization appears to be a matter of time.

This approach is much different than that of the US, where CBD is going almost unregulated. The FDA has issued warnings about false medical claims but apart from a warning letter, there hasn’t been much regulation at all. Israel’s approach is much more aligned with other regular medications.

For the citizens of Israel, getting CBD oil is not difficult. Israel is far from anti-cannabis. CBD was removed from the list of banned substances in August of 2020 and has been available in pharmacies since 2017.

CBD hasn’t seen the success in Israel as in the UK or United States however and this seems to be intentional. Although the beneficial cannabinoid is permitted, CBD isn’t available to be bought and sold on the free market. The CBD sold in pharmacies is upheld to a high standard and there isn’t a free for all like there is in the US with loose regulations and a hands-off approach by government agencies.

CBD Diet Supplements in Israel

Currently, the recreational use of all cannabis products is discouraged by the Israeli government. Requiring citizens to only be able to buy CBD oil in a pharmacy with a doctor’s recommendation. 2021 however may see a change to this approach.