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is cbd good for anxiety reddit

Is cbd good for anxiety reddit

If anxiety is inhibiting your ability to live the way you would like, please see a doctor. I promise that the century of research on the treatment of anxiety will serve you better than trying CBD oil.

Mild to moderate depression

Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse – no fan of cannabis – says that CBD has been shown to reduce stress and alleviate depression. Study subjects were observed as having lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Their physiological symptoms of anxiety, like increased heart rate, also improved.

Is cbd good for anxiety reddit

I'm a 30 years old male diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder, general anxiety disorder and a heavy addiction (I "parked" my addiction at weed since most of my ancestors are lifelong alcoholics).

Since I'm so used to it, it didnt stop me to study at a university or found my own company. But everyone has his or her limits, so I worked my way right into a burnout. My life fell apart and I'm now trying to get it back.

I started yesterday with 4 drops of 5% CBD oil. The results were stunning, I almost cried out of pure joy. For the first time in years I was free of anxiety and stress. I could feel real "fun" as I was playing videogames with a friend.

Is cbd good for anxiety reddit

I think using less is more with this stuff, though everyone has a different effect. The amount you need for whatever you want it for is subjective and youll have to teach yourself. Try starting at a low dose. Then work your way up past what you think you need, you should find a happy medium.

It reduces my anxiety — or as I would say, reduces the noise in my head– by 70- – 80%.

What would you say is a strong dose for a high stress situation. Currently taking 24mg daily in the morning. Wondering what’s a good dose before a stressful situation.

Sometimes feeling "normal" is the sudden realization that your not feeling bad. Strange right

Its more about what you dont feel, which is 90% of anxiety. IF you really want to see what CBD does to you; put yourself in a high stress situation, use plenty of cbd and deal with it. Itl be a lot easier than you thought