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illinois cbd oil law

Currently there is no evidence-based validated studies to support the use of CBD oil for mental or medical disorders in children. It is not regulated by the FDA and promises of cures cannot be substantiated. Long term effects are unknown. Short term effects include exposure to harmful chemicals such as artificial CBD oil substitutions often sold as the real thing, contaminants, THC, or byproducts. The lack of regulation makes dosing unreliable as purity and concentration varies. Additionally, CBD oil may interact with other medications that are metabolized in the liver. When used for sleep, tolerance may develop.

Medical Marijuana: Medical marijuana has been legal for both adults and children since 2013 for qualifying medical conditions. In the pediatric population, both the parent and the child must obtain a card through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to obtain medical cannabis. To obtain a medical cannabis card or learn more about qualifying conditions, see the Illinois DPH website.

OTC CBD Oil: Cannabidiol, also known as CBD Oil, is the result of compounding substances primarily extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp is a close relation to the marijuana plant. Under stressful growing conditions, the hemp plant can produce THC as a byproduct. When harvested the crop can thus contaminate the CBD Oil with a psychoactive substance.

There is prolific, though inaccurate, information available about CBD Oil and the impact on mental health. Many of these products are being advertised as alternative treatments for Anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and ADHD. CBD Oil is available in many forms, such as oils, lotions, cocktails, coffees, gummies and vaping for ease of administration. As a consequence, increasing numbers of parents are providing CBD oil to address their children’s issues with attention, sleep and emotional regulation.

Medical CBC Oil: Prescription CBC Oil is purified from cannabis (the marijuana plant) and is monitored by the FDA. CBD Oil can be dispensed through a prescription from a licensed dispensary for a qualifying child who is registered with the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. Under certain circumstances it can be used at school. For more information please go to Ashley’s Law.

If you have parents considering CBD oil for their child, call Illinois DocAssist for consultation at 866-986-2778 regarding alternative interventions that are evidence-based and safe for use with children and adolescents.

Weight is calculated based on total weight of the product for items like edibles. If a person has pot brownies that weigh over 500 grams, they are in violation of the law, said Jeff Hall of the Peoria law firm Hall, Rustom & Fritz. There’s no standard weight or size for edible products, so the number of them a person is allowed to have can vary by item.

What are rules on recreational marijuana?

Peoria has one dispensary that sells only to recreational customers, operated by Trinity, located at 2304 W. Glen Ave. In Galesburg, there is Nature’s Treatment of the Quad Cities which also is only a recreational dispensary.

Where can you get recreational or medical marijuana in the Peoria area?

Within the Peoria area, there are two dispensaries that are approved by the state to distribute medical marijuana: Trinity Compassionate Care Centers, 3125 N. University St. in Peoria and NuEra East Peoria, 504 Riverside Drive in East Peoria. Each also sells recreational cannabis.