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hope botanicals cbd horse pellets

Hope botanicals cbd horse pellets

Each Tablespoon of pellets contain 100 mg of CBD with no THC and are made from post extraction hemp meal. Approximately 6200 mg of CBD per 1.5 lb.

Broad Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses or Livestock – Non GMO, Made with Organically Grown Hemp – Contains 0 THC

16 oz – 20 Count – 50mg Broad Spectrum CBD and 50mg B1 in each bite.

Broad Spectrum CBD Peppermint Flavor Horse Tincture – Comes in Two Sizes – Choose Your Option in the Drop Down Menu – Comes with a Special Syringe for Ease of Dosing – Contains 0 THC.

Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil tincture is designed to help replenish the cannabinoid system and provides 750 or 1500 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per tincture. This is not hemp seed oil; this is the nutrient rich oil that is extracted from a mature plant via our proprietary extraction technique that ensures each product is solvent-free, with ZERO-THC, and grown from non-gmo plants that have been cared for with organic farming practices. It is fortified with Hemp Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and Stevia. Place tincture in lower lip for best absorption.

Hope botanicals cbd horse pellets

Like every other small business and non-profit in America, Free Rein Foundation was forced to close down and cancel all of its sessions. This revenue is what we use to support our horses for the Equine-Assisted Therapy Programs. Not only are we restricted from entering the pastures (see below) but we are only able to have four volunteers that can help in the pastures. We know that everyone is suffering during this pandemic but if you are able to help our horses by giving what you can–we are in need of basic supplements and supplies listed below.

Here is another way to help

Mountain Sunrise Hay Pellets (50LB) = $20 Donate Purina Equine Senior Feed (50LB) = $23 Donate

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Step 1: Click the Donate button next to the item you wish to donate. Step 2: Click “Other” and put in the amount of the item.
Every item is a different price so we will know which one you chose!