Edmond Hawkins
Hello friends, my name is Edmond Hawkins. I’m a professional lab production specialist for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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CBD is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products available. Therefore, CBD stores can be found all over the US, including in Hawaii. Lots of CBD stores are located in the Island of Hawaii, Honolulu and Kahului. However, we recommend you to order CBD online, as it allows you to save time and money and obtain a free delivery. Moreover, these stores provide a huge variety of CBD products (including oils, infusions and products).

In this article, you can find the list of the best places to purchase CBD in Hawaii.

Hawaii legalized medical cannabis two decades ago with State Bill 862 HD1. Although this state has been modified twice since then, the therapeutic use of marijuana-derived products remains legal for the patients who have at least one qualifying disease and a prescription from the licensed physician. An interesting fact about Hawaii is that it is the only state that permits medical cannabis patients from other states to buy cannabis while they’re in Hawaii. Thanks to these regulations, any patient who has a qualifying condition can get access to CBD in Hawaii.

However, if you just want to use CBD for recreation, don’t worry. Hemp-derived CBD is legal for both therapeutic and recreational use in Hawaii.