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greenhouse cbd

Greenhouse cbd

Many growers already realize the benefits of flowering under a light deprivation greenhouse. Not only can you harvest 3-5 times per year, but the quality of your product will be significantly better than an outdoor product. This provides diversity in extra streams of income and is ideal for anyone using the flower for direct sale or for oil production.

High CBD and legal THC hemp seeds cost a fortune, and are hard to find. Many large acreage hemp farms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on proper genetics and seeds. Using a fully sealed and automated greenhouse for seed production is an ideal way to lower costs and improve genetic phenotype testing. Additionally, as seed production is in huge demand, this can provide another income stream.

Hemp/CBD Propagation Greenhouses with Optional Light Deprivation

Every large outdoor hemp farm can benefit from using a light deprivation greenhouse. You can start your plants early from seed or clones, veg them up to your ideal height, and then transfer them outdoors when the weather permits. This provides you with much larger and robust plants that will provide a larger outdoor yield. Our hemp propagation greenhouses use the highest quality components, automation systems, and steel that has been thoroughly tested in the cannabis space. Many of our customers propagating hemp/CBD plants will use fixed, rolling benches, or multi level racking systems in order to maximize space and increase productivity.

Hemp/CBD Flowering Greenhouses with Light Deprivation

Our Hemp/CBD flowering greenhouses use the same components and technology as our cannabis greenhouses and provide the best bang for the buck than any other greenhouse manufacturer in the US.

Cannabinoids form a group of compounds within the chemical super family of terpenes. Terpenes are essentially multiples of a building block called isoprene. Two isoprene units form monoterpenes, which we know best as essential oils such as menthol. Four isoprene units form diterpenes such as cannabinoids or vitamin A. Triterpenes form the building blocks for cholesterol, sex- and stress hormones. Adding more isoprene units will increase rigidity until eventually poly-isoprene, or latex, is formed. All plant cannabinoids are derived from isoprene units whereas animal- or endocannabinoids are derived from diacylglycerol (DAG), which is also responsible for most fatty acids that make up our cell membranes. Both isoprene (in plants) and DAG (in animals) are derived from the Citric Acid Cycle. The Citric Acid Cycle is the central metabolism hub in every cell in every organism and it serves to re-shuffle the basic building blocks in our bodies: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Phosphate (CHONSP) for the production of Energy, Lipids, Proteins and DNA. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen end up mainly in Energy production and Nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphate end up mostly in Proteins and DNA. Apart from being lipids, cannabinoids and terpenes also play a regulatory role in our metabolism, generally providing negative feedback to inhibit the process that produced them.

The endocannabinoid system safeguards our biochemical balance.

GHM Botanicals offers CBD products, manufactured at pharmaceutical quality and safety standards. Our products are formulated in the European Union and Switzerland, with the most advanced extraction techniques following at EU GMP standards. Our products are 100% THC Free and our ingredients are verified by 3rd party accredited laboratories for quality, safety and consistency. We currently offer a range of non-psychoactive cannabinoid products containing cannabis derived Terpenes, CBD, CBG and CBC.

In short, terpenes and cannabinoids are natural lipid compounds that take up center stage in the biochemical web of fatty acid metabolism.