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NB: CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule extracted from hemp that has relaxing and destressing properties. However, it is important to specify that CBD is different from THC since it does not have psychoactive effects but only anxiolytic effects. It also does not create addictive effects to its user.

The Grand Daddy Purple is an e-liquid for electronic cigarette manufactured in France by Greeneo. It is offered in 10ml glass vials with pipette and childproof in a PG / LV ratio of 80/20.

Enjoy an e-liquid at the CBD with delicate and subtle flavours of grape, wine and wild berries, an explosive and relaxing blend.

To use it, simply pour a few drops into your dripper or fill your reservoir with the glass pipette. It is also possible to add a few drops to your favorite DIY or e-liquids so that they have a CBD content. It is still important to follow the dosing information below.

It’s important to understand that the dosage also adapts to your equipment. Indeed, the more your electronic cigarette produces steam and vaporizes e-liquid, the lower the dosage must be.

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Release Date: September 26, 2020
Expiration Date: September 25, 2023

ยท Recognize the difference between THC and CBD.