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fresh connection cbd

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No stems, no seeds, no shake.

No Butane = No Residual Solvents = Cleaner Medicine.

The Fresh Connection is a company striving to bring patients top shelf herbs, medibles, and concentrates. We have our own in house farm where we use quality nutrients, compost teas, and plenty of mycorrhizae to stimulate and nourish our ladies for optimal health. All nutrients, coco, and amendments are West-coast sourced to reduce our carbon footprint and we have plans to become solar-powered as we progress. All nugs are hand picked and hand trimmed to perfection (because high quality medicine producers should not replace people with machines!). We love our trimmers because they take the time and care to uncover our beautiful nugs.

All of our fresh trim and B buds are processed weekly into fullmelt icewax by sacredextracts here in Portland, Oregon. Full melt icewax is dabbable solventless hash, the crème de la crème of concentrates!! We also have smoking grade hash (non-dabbable but oh-so-pineney-delicious) for old school connoisseurs.

We are also offering a new line of medicated cake pops–Baked Pops©–medicated with BHO or icewax and baked with love. Coming in a variety of strain and cake specific combinations!! Keep your eyes peeled for the Wake n Bacon, a maple cake topped with caramelized bacon and infused with Candyland icewax (a sativa to get your day started right) !!