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fiddlers green cbd

Fiddlers green cbd

We believe that not only do farms have the ability to make positive impacts in their communities and the environment, but it should also be their highest purpose.

Natural Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

“Sometimes anxiety gets the best of me, so I decided to try CBD since it’s natural. The relaxation and calm that the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract gives me is like a weight has been lifted from my chest. I’d highly recommend Fiddlers Green because you know you are getting products made from hemp grown without chemical pesticides.” -Ricki, Hastings, MI

A weight has been lifted from my chest

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Fiddlers green cbd

I purchased the AC/DC tincture shown in this website.

Hey guys, so I'm new to the CBD community, and I wish I would've came across this subreddit before purchasing anything.. But I recently purchased an oil at a dispensary, and can't seem to find any information on the product.

There isn't any useful info on the bottle other than what's on the front, saying it's a 20:1 ratio. Any info on the quality of CBD that I purchased would be awesome. Thank you!