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fedora 17 cbd content

Yield in inflorescences (dry)**: Kg / ha: 600-800

*** The seed booking season runs from November to March, the seed purchased outside the distribution campaign has an extra cost of 10% compared to the original price.

Vegetative cycle: 120/130 days

* CBD is a molecule belonging to the cannabinoid family. At the moment 140 of them have been identified in the hemp inflorescences. CBD can be influenced by various chemical-physical, genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, each strain could develop a variable CBD content based on the phenotypes in the field.

Genotype: Monoica

Climate adaptability: Center, Northern Europe

THC: <0.2%

Fedora 17 cbd content

Fedora 17 is a monoecious hemp variety originating in France and bred primarily for seed production, but also giving good results with CBD flowers and dry-baled biomass. It is a very hardy and vigorous variety, adapted to poor conditions and to thrive in the worst climates of Northern Europe.

These seeds are certified for cultivation in the EU and will result in plants with a CBD content from 1.5% to 2% and THC levels below 0.12%, well under the legal threshold for this cannabinoid in Europe.

Alchimia Grow Shop is proud to present EU certified hemp seed of the variety Fedora 17 from Seed Stockers in regular seed format.

Fedora 17 – EU Certified Hemp Seeds

With a vegetative cycle of around 130 days, Fedora 17 will be ready to harvest in late August, with plants reaching a height of 2-2.5m. If cutivated for seeds, yields will be around 500-700kg per hectare, if grown for flowers, expect a production of 600-800kg per hectare or, if grown for biomass, 7-9 tons per hectare.