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fairwinds cbd companion

Fairwinds believes in always providing the most effective products possible. Formulated using a 5:1 ratio that leverages the power of both CBD and THC , the Companion tincture has become a trusted, best-selling formula that provides effective results. Plus, with an all-natural smoky bacon flavor, the Companion CBD tincture tastes as good as it feels!

Vegetarians need not worry! The bacon flavoring used is all-natural, however, it is not derived from animals.

Locally here in Washington state I purchase a liquid CBD product that is bacon flavored called, Companion. It is coconut oil based and very easy to add to dog treats or mix into food. You just use the dropper to dispense the exact amount of drops for your pet. My dogs love it! It is a great product in part because you know exactly how much CBD your pets are getting, the concentration is reported on the label and backed by lab testing. Fairwinds seems to be one of the more science-minded companies out there, and I have heard good things about them from the retailers I have visited (Vancouver area). I expect them to produce a consistent and effective product and I haven’t been disappointed. I have personally seen the product work to prevent seizures in my friend’s dog. For this dog, normal marijuana products (low in CBD) were actually causing more seizures. But after switching to the Companion tincture the seizures stopped all together! I give it to my dogs to control anxiety.

The Companion tincture is 120mg of cannabinoids total in a 5 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC. One drop equals 0.33 mg of CBD and 0.07 mg of THC.

I calculated the dosing table below based on the Companion product, along with studies I reviewed in this blog post. The dosing is based on 0.3 mg of CBD per kilogram of animal body weight (a safe and effective dose). I converted the kilograms to pounds and calculated the milligrams of CBD needed at each 5 pound increment, then I calculated the number of drops of Companion tincture needed to deliver that number of milligrams. I hope you find it helpful…