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fabric city cbd

Fabric city cbd

Mosquito Netting – Cream/White – 300CM

Contract Curtaining Fabric – Various Colours – 280CM

Your 365 Day FACTORY OUTLET . Quality. Value. Price.

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Leather Floor Carpet & Plush Carpet

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We are stockists of Appliances, Curtaining, Electronics, Fabric, Hardware, Haberdashery, Linen and Upholstery. We cut Foam to size make curtaining and do upholstery. We are the factory outlet.

Fabric city cbd

Trend – With the cannabis industry now collaborating with a wide range of industries, the next unlikely space it’s entering is textiles. The infusion of CBD into everything from activewear to bedsheets is on the rise, with brands claiming benefits like performance and sleep enhancement.

Insight – Consumers’ growing acceptance of cannabis, coupled with their desire to achieve natural-wellness, is enabling the development of products that incorporate CBD and other cannabis properties. Despite cannabis’ growing popularity as a legal substance, some consumers who were raised believing in the supposed “dangers” of the substance when it was illegal remain wary or uninformed on its benefits–leading to the growth of topical products that are seen as less intimidating and avoid disrupting consumers’ day-to-day routines.

The cannabis industry is entering the textile space