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ethos cbd

Ethos cbd

These PODs are sold separately and do NOT come with the battery. If you do not already have the ETHOS battery you can find it HERE.

Ethos CBD PODS – 225mg ABSO (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDv)

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Cannabinoid Amounts: 150mgCBD | 50mg CBG | THC Free

Ethos cbd

Whenever it’s appropriate, we love to try something new. Whether it’s utilising a brand new set of materials for a display suite, formulating a novel design aesthetic for branding, introducing a unique stock, finish or digital application, we constantly strive to push the envelope and create something that not only gets our clients excited, but gets their product instantly noticed.

All our business is conducted in an open, transparent manner, and our client relationships are built on trust. From unforgiving deadlines to mountainous briefs, our team objective is to consistently deliver on promises. We’re also right here; just a phone call away if you have questions or concerns, and conveniently located in the city centre if you’d like to catch up over a coffee.

Our desire is simply to connect the right people to the right places, projects and products. That’s why, for every project, we conduct thorough research into what genuine reasons are there for the community to respond to and be moved by a product. By understanding both the product and the buyer, we can create the tools of communication that will most effectively facilitate a connection.

We expect our clients to hold us to a high standard, just as we do. By keeping a steady line of communication between our directors, designers and clients at all times, we ensure everyone is always on the same page, and that all expectations are met (read: exceeded). Our designers hold themselves accountable for every campaign they lead, and are unwaveringly proactive in embracing new creative opportunities.

Run on integrity

We run a tight ship. Our four company values guide not only the quality of work we produce, but the kind of work culture we strive to maintain. These are values that are at the centre of our studio every day (literally and metaphorically). They epitomise both the kind of people we are and the kind of work that we create.

It’s more than pretty pictures to us. We love ideas. Philosophy, painting, literature, graffiti, psychology, sculpture, photography, food, fashion, dance — it all filters into our creative processes and fuels the conceptually rich, progressive work that we’re proud to create.

Since our humble beginnings over ten years ago, the cornerstone of our business has been our integrity. Today, we firmly believe adherence to this same principle sustains our excellent working relationships with our clients, and creates positive outcomes on all projects we are involved in.