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empire wellness cbd flower

Empire wellness cbd flower

This colorful hemp flower comes with total CBD of 10.5% and THC under 0.3%. Choose it for a balanced CBD experience.

With total CBD close to 9%, CBGa just under 1% and less than 0.3% THC, Otto offers you a promising experience. Otto is highly desired among lovers of purple strains.

Unlike regular hemp flowers, grown to be extracted, these full spectrum CBD Hemp Flowers are treated exactly like cannabis flowers and are harvested by hand and dried naturally before they are processed, trimmed and sorted. One of the leading emerging brands is Empire Wellness/ Let’s take a closer look at some of Empire’s popular strains.

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Cherry Wine

With total CBD over 14% and THC under 0.3% this high-CBD strain is a winner if you are looking for a strong CBD experience.

Variety of strains

If you are looking for a high-CBD low-THC hemp buds, you should try Empire Wellness flowers. Under the radar, High-CBD hemp flowers are now gaining huge popularity among cannabis smokers, looking for a subtle alternative. The hand-picked hemp flowers, which are very rich in CBD content and low in THC, taste and smell exactly like the real thing. Known for their ‘body high’ subtle effect, high-CBD flowers, sometimes referred to as ‘Marijuana-lite’, are made from 100% industrial hemp grown in organic hemp farms. The high levels of CBD in the hemp flowers offer a notable relaxation effect on the mind and body.


Empire Wellness (by EMPIRE EXTRACTS, Colorado) offers us a safe environment to try smoking a variety of high-CBD hemp flowers. The variety of strains, allows us an opportunity to try each one and pick our own favorite, since each strain has a different look and smell. They also provide slightly different effects.

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