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As You Wish: Farmer Rachel created this blend for Farmer Dave as a Christmas gift in 2020. Farmer Dave had torn his rotator cuff and would need to wait 2 months until surgery to repair it. He needed help with the pain, the inflammation, and the stress of not being able to contribute physically around the farm and the house for a few months. What Farmer Rachel came up with was a mixture of earth, woods and pure animal magnetism. Originally named, “Farm Boy,” after her love and partner in farming and in life, she decided to change the name after she decided to share the blend with others. “Farm Boy” conjured up images and aromas of a man covered in dirt and reeking of cow poo. “As You Wish” suits this scent better, depicting it as the beguiling, enticing, earthy scent that your beguiling, enticing, earthy partner deserves.

We sell our flower to non-members and members alike at our CSA pick-ups and at the Farmers’ Market in Burlington. YOu can also purchase it at

Grounded: Essential herbs to help center and remind you that while your head might be spinning with the pressures of work, and daily life, the souls of your feet are connected to the healing properties of the earth. Farmer Rachel created this blend in the fall of 2019 for those who needed a little grounding. Who could have predicted that a pandemic would reverberate throughout the world and that this would become one of our best-sellers?

From our hemp, Farmer Rachel has developed a line of CBD salve that has developed a serious following. We can’t make any claims about what it does or doesn’t do for you because the FDA has not approved CBD as a product. We never use any fragrances in our salve but we do use certified organic essential oils which may or may not add their own beneficial properties. to the final product.

“I tried Full Moon Farm’s Soothing CBD Salve for the first time last night and I have to share my highest recommendation for this great find.

In 2019, Full Moon Farm started growing hemp. We find it to be one of the most fascinating crops we have grown! From the hemp, we produce two varieties of Certified Organic CBD Flower, “Suver Haze” and “Lifter”, and one variety of Certified Organic CBG, “White.”

Chronic pain often wakes me up at night, so finding a topical CBD that I can apply without leaving my bed is critical. I liked my old CBD, but it was downright liquid in warmer weather and kind of congealed/almost crumbly in colder weather. Whatever season, I felt as if I had to be careful none dripped or fell off before I got it to the right place and rubbed it in.

Special Blends:

All Products are tested by 3rd Party Labs to ensure that “what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle!”

Using All Organic and Natural ingredients and CO2 extraction, Green Roads has been creating some of the best CBD product available in the USA for over 20 years. All of Green Roads’ products are grown and processed here in the USA.

Green Roads works with medical professionals to create the best natural pain relief products. Their CBD can be used to relieve anxiety and pain for your pets and family members.

Green Roads CBD is broad spectrum and contains no THC and comes in tinctures (100mg up to 350mg), edibles, capsules, fruit bites & chews, muscle & joint relief creams.