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dr greenlove cbd tea review

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This product has quickly grown to be the best CBD tea for sale on the UK market, this product is known to sell out quickly and has a high demand. Please read the great reviews from consumers, at the time of writing we have 450 verified product reviews from CBD consumers just like you who rate this product highly. Of course, the reviews are just other peoples subjective views so do take them with a pinch of salt and remember that this is not a product made to cure or treat any medical condition. Buy CBD Tea here in full confidence of receiving a real, official product of high quality. You can combine this hemp tea with ginger turmeric and other select ingredients for a great mix up to your normal tea if feeling adventurous.

Why Should you drink CBD Tea?

We love our CBD tea so much and if you like this great product and want to buy it in bigger amounts to save money then we offer it in the following variations for the avid hemp tea drinkers out there.

Single Pack CBD Tea @ £6.99

Instructions: Boil your kettle or Pot to 100 ° C then leave to sit until it reaches around 80 ° C. Pour the boiled water into your favourite mug with your CBD Tea Bag inside. Leave in for around 4-7 mins so all the water and the tea is infused and then enjoy! Don’t add milk unless required, treat as you would a herbal tea.

Double Pack CBD Tea @ £13.99

Note: Now contains 20 bags but Dr Greenlove has changed the ingredients so the end product contains now 15% more Hemp to give it a better taste

Twenty Pack CBD Tea @ £84.99

One box contains 20 bags (20 x 1g) of CBD Tea.

Dr. Greenlove’s lab-certified CBD Tea is made from 100%, premium grade cannabis buds and is produced under EU regulations. This pure and delicious CBD Tea is naturally rich in cannabidiol (CBD).

To prepare, bring 500 ml of water to a boil. Add 1 gram (a bag) of CBD Tea. Turn the heat down and let the tea simmer for another 15 minutes with the lid on the kettle. Season if necessary (e.g. with honey or sugar). If you want to make tea for a number of days, use 2 grams of CBD Tea in 0,5 litre of water. As described above, let the tea cool down and keep the cooled tea in the refrigerator.

The CBD-rich cannabis used in to make this all-natural herbal infusion is locally grown, without pesticides or herbicides. After the plants are harvested, the flowers are carefully collected and dried under controlled conditions for two to three weeks. They are then sieved and hand-picked for the on-farm production of Dr. Greenlove’s renowned cannabis tea. Only this dedicated, manual process guarantees the suburb quality and delicious taste of Dr. Greenlove’s CBD Tea.


Dr. Greenlove’s original products are sold in over 500 stores in Amsterdam, Europe and beyond.