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does cbd give you a body high

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound from the cannabis plant. As such, it can be easy to assume that CBD will produce a high similar to what people feel when using marijuana or other psychoactive drugs. But does CBD really produce a high? No, it does not. CBD does not contain any of the psychoactive ingredients that create a “high” feeling in people who use marijuana. This article will go into further detail about what causes a high, why CBD does not produce highs, and the benefits that can come from using CBD.

What Causes A High?

For those who want the benefits of a drug without the high, CBD is the perfect option.

Why Doesn’t CBD Create A High Feeling Like Marijuana?

To understand why cannabidiol does not create the feeling of “being high”, you’ll first need to understand what it is that actually causes a high. The primary compound that causes highs is tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. Marijuana has significant amounts of THC. When someone smokes marijuana or ingests it in some way (vaporizing, edibles, or oils), THC activates receptors in the brain causing them to feel high. The sensation of being high varies depending on the person, their genetics, age, and tolerance.

Does cbd give you a body high

Since CBD is derived from cannabis, people who are going to try CBD oil for the first time are concerned that it will get them high.

To sum up, CBD oil can make you feel:

Understanding the Difference Between CBD vs THC

On top of non-intoxicating compounds, such as CBC, CBG, or CBDA, there are two minor cannabinoids that could get you slightly high when consumed in large amounts.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Most users describe the effects of CBD as a wave of calming sensations and relief running through the body and mind when they take CBD oil or vape it. Depending on the route of administration, CBD oil may take anywhere between 5–90 minutes to kick in.