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dash cbd oil

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Dash cbd oil

Rating: 9/10

The flavour was subtle but it definitely perked up with a drop of honey in it. It isn’t overly hemp-y which is great as it can often be a bit OTT in tea. We definitely noticed that we felt relaxed and more comfortable afterwards, which makes it great for the post-work wind down.

Ethos rest organic hemp tea, 50g loose leaf

Nothing beats a good warm cup of tea while the weather outside is frightful. But what if your tea could go that little bit further and help you stay healthy, and relaxed?

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All of the teas in this round-up were tested by three people over the space of six weeks and each tea was sampled for a few days before reviewed. Each time, the only thing added to the tea was a little bit of honey. The teabags or strainers were left in the tea for around five minutes to release more of the flavour. The tea was generally consumed as part of an evening routine to help with relaxation and sleep.