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cheeba chews cbd price

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Unwrap a tasty, award winning treat. Cheeba Chews are renowned for consistent, potent and delicious full spectrum CBD infused taffy. This particular taffy is formulated to help you get some rest! C hocolate taffy with 25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of CBN, with a splash of melatonin for your sleep-aid needs. Ten chews to help you snooze!

These Cheeba Chews sleepy time really help me to get to sleep and stay asleep. I feel more rested in the morning.

These work very well, and very quickly. I took about and hour before i was going to go to bed, ended up going in about 30 minutes


Wasn’t sure how effective these would be, but took the chance, and now I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Taste is good, and regardless of what I’m doing after I take it, between 90-120 minutes later, I’m ready for sleep. Delivers exactly what you would expect.

I love these chews so much! So many sleep products have melatonin which I have an adverse response to. The minimal amount in this product works like a ‘dream’ without the nightmares!

These work very well, and very quickly. I took about and hour before i was going to go to bed, ended up going in about 30 minutes

Direct Hemp Difference

Cheeba tip: If taffy becomes soft, place tray in the fridge for 1 minute for easy opening.

Each package comes individually dosed with a convenient tray to separate taffy pieces.

Cheeba chews cbd price

Certain laws on recreational weed stated that the edible had to be provided in 10 mg single-doses and be secured in child-resistant packaging. They also limited the THC to 100mg per product in some locations.

Moreover, the high from both the Quad Dose and the Deca Dose can last for several hours. While it usually takes longer for edibles to take effect (compared to smoking), the overall impact is generally heavier. A rookie mistake is to believe the edible is not kicking in, and after an hour or so, decide to eat more.

What Do Cheeba Chews Offer?

Dissatisfied customers don’t have much time to react. If you want to return your product, you must do so within seven days of receiving it. The brand only accepts unopened returns. Any returns outside this window are assessed a 20% restocking fee. Moreover, Cheeba Chews only accepts returns and refunds from products bought on the official website.

How Many Cheeba Chews Can You Safely Eat?

There are only 10-11 calories per chew; great news for those watching their weight! The chews are already divided into a tray, which makes them easy to measure. If you feel the taffy is too soft, place the package in the fridge for around one minute. The list of ingredients includes sugar, glucose syrup, and chocolate liquor. The taffy also contains soy and dairy, so bear this information in mind before proceeding.

Cheeba chews cbd price

Accordingly, the original Cheeba Chews chocolate taffy was released in four Colorado locations. Amid an onslaught of positive reviews and a rapidly-developing cannabis industry, they expanded their reach throughout Colorado and into other medical marijuana states like California.

Cheeba Chews Offers An Assortment Of Cannabis Taffy

Cheeba Chews got its start in Colorado, when the founder had more leftover trim than they knew what to do with. The company set out to develop a consistent, potent edible for medical marijuana patients – something they believed the industry was lacking at the time.

Pure CBD Cheeba Chews: Gluten Free Cannabis Infused Taffy

I would still like to see Cheeba Chews pursue a healthier recipe that excludes corn syrup from the equation as well, but I’ve certainly seen much worse options for the health conscious medical marijuana patient.