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cbd wholesale companies

Cbd wholesale companies

Bulk CBD Distributors is a company dedicated to quality of product and service with partner farms and facilities around the world. We can help with everything from farming to manufacturing of bulk hemp. Reach out today to learn more about any of our products and services.

As one of the best CBD wholesale suppliers with locations and partnerships around the USA and throughout the world we have the land and facilities to meet the demands of farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers. If you need wholesale or bulk CBD hemp products and materials for your business then reach out today. We are a global CBD distributor and are standing by to help.

If you seek high CBD seeds or CBG Seeds for your farm or grow operation, then you’ve come to the right place. Bulk CBD Distributors has high yielding CBD and CBG genetics for you. Our strains and genetics come with high potency feminized seeds that provide a healthy yield for your crop in a low time that can help to ensure that you maximize your potential gains on your growing season.

If you’re looking for biomass to process, you’re in luck. Bulk CBD Distributors has high CBD biomass or CBG biomass. Our partners produce millions of pounds annually and can ensure a high quality steady supply for your needs. With farms ranging from Colorado, Puerto Rico, Oregon, and additional farm partners, we’re a one stop shop if you’re looking for a CBD distributor.

High Quality Wholesale CBD on a Global Scale

Bulk CBD Distributors is a global leader in the production and distribution of Cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, & Delta 8. We do everything starting with genetics, to farming, extraction, distillation, and chromatography. Based in Puerto Rico, with locations and partners around the world, Bulk CBD Distributors is your source for any cannabinoids.

When it comes to wholesale cannabinoids, isolates are the most sought after. The high concentration of CBD, CBG, CBC, or CBN, make for the best opportunity to use this crystalline powder to create top of the line products for gummies, tinctures, topicals, and more.

Premium CBD distillate along with the other cannabinoids; CBG, CBC, CBN, & Delta 8. We use a refined molecular distillation process to produce the finest cannabinoid distillates available.

We’re A Top Global Supplier Of Bulk Cannabinoids

Once the 2018 Farm Bill passed, we slowly planned our path to starting up in 2020 with the intent of becoming the premier source for any and all cannabinoids and bulk hemp. We produce and distribute some of the best CBD wholesale supplies in the world, also offering worldwide shipping and service to our clients. If you’re looking for a high quality hemp distributor, reach out today.

In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill and any associated international regulations, Bulk CBD Distributors distributes hemp products on a global scale. CBD farming, production, manufacturing, and wholesale supply of bulk quantities is the core of our business. We rigorously scrutinize each of our products to ensure the highest quality products for our clients at the best value before they go off to any of our clients. As wholesale CBD distributors, our goal is to ensure our clients have a premium CBD product to be proud of, time after time, whatever the use and that’s why we’re here to be your national or global CBD distributor.

Cbd wholesale companies

Still looking for your perfect match? Our lab can provide custom cannabinoid formulations to meet your brand needs. Our sales team and experienced lab scientists can help you decide what ingredient is best for you.

We offer a range of superior finished products, innovative ingredient solutions and competitive pricing. Our private label program is a seamless supply chain of CBD products manufactured in world class facilities across the US.

Private Label CBD Solutions

We offer a range of finished products, innovative ingredient solutions, and advanced delivery systems. Our private label program is a seamless supply chain of CBD products manufactured in world class facilities across the US.

Private Label

LAURELCREST also offers a global footprint through its partnership with Pharma Hemp, one of the most important hemp businesses in Europe. Our experienced team can help develop your CBD brand from concept to final product.