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cbd tincture bottle filling machine

Cbd tincture bottle filling machine

1. Make all eliquid vape bottles enter into conveyor belt in order under the rotary force.

1. Shanghai METICA CBD oil filling plugging capping machine glass dropper bottle filling capping machine in one, adopt piston filling method, controlled by micro-computer, filling accurate. (Can be changed to ceramic pump for special work surroundings).
2. Adopt advanced electrical and pneumatic parts, ensure stable work ability and long use time, high filling precision, capping qualified rate.
3. Achieve no bottle, no filling; No bottle no plugging and capping, No leak, no drool during filling process. Reduce detergent material consumption, increase user's economic benefit.
4. User can adjust speed and filling volume by touch screen setting. Easy to use, adjust, maintain.
5. Can be matched with protective cover to forbid pollution.
6. Connected to the liquid container through corrosion-resistant medical infusion tube.
7. Can work alone or connected to labeling machine to work together.
8. Can be matched with wheels to move the machine easily.

2. Four nozzles servo motor driven filling, high filling speed and precision.
3. High labeling precision, work stable.
4. Less labor, high production efficiency.

Brief Introduction

The machine has three functions, filling, inserting dropper, screw capping on one machine. It can be equipped with a protecting cover and a checking-drop installation according to clients’ requirements. It also can be connected with the bottle-washing machine and the label-attaching machine to form a complete set of produce line.

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It is applicable to different kinds and size of bottles, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, tubular bottles and dropper bottle.

This Automatic bottle filling machine uk ejuice flavor concentrate small perfume bottle filling machine is mainly designed for small bottles and suitable for filling liquid materials, such as e-juce, essential oil, eye drops, electronic cigarette and so on.

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