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cbd tea for anxiety

Cbd tea for anxiety

Instead, look for a company that is actively supporting CBD research, donating to relevant charities, and making socially responsible business decisions.

This isn’t always an easy question to answer because everyone’s CBD requirements will vary. Your CBD needs can depend on your height, weight, medical history, experience with CBD, the condition you’re trying to treat… the list goes on.

CBD teas are not a great option for people aiming to alleviate severe pain or anxiety.

How Do We Evaluate CBD Products?

Most CBD teas will come as a blend of different herbs to provide unique flavors and optimize the intended uses.

Sedative blends will usually include herbs like valerian, kava, passionflower, catnip, or chamomile — while energizing blends will contain herbs like ginseng, eleuthero root, or green tea instead.

As mentioned above, CBD isn’t very soluble in water — it’s soluble in fat instead. This is why most CBD products are infused in hemp oil, MCT oil, or another source of fat to help it absorb.

The Brothers Apothecary CBD-Infused Tea 1 – 20 Tea Bags

Most companies will list the potency of each bag on the package. If they don’t, all you need to do is take the total mg of CBD and divide it by the number of tea bags to find the mg of CBD per bag.

Other companies use much lower concentrations of CBD — just be aware that not all the CBD will be absorbed, so you’ll need to use a higher dose than you would for other product categories.

Cbd tea for anxiety

CBD tea may make you feel calm, focused and productive. The CBD can calm your nerves and anxieties, while the tea provides focus and energy. You will feel alert, calm and focused.

CBD can also offer relief for the symptoms of depression. The University of Washington study that shows a link between CBD and reduced stress also found significant links to reduced depression. A CBD product that’s low in THC and high CBD will provide the best results for reducing symptoms of depression.

There are currently two of our most popular flavors available. Try our fruity green tea blend, Superberry Samba, or if you prefer a black tea classic go for Blue Lady with a splash of milk.

While the benefits of CBD are great – maybe even life-changing – there are some side effects you should know about as well.

How fast does CBD tea work?

While CBD tea is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent anything, it still has some great advantages for your health. It reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and soothes sleep troubles. There’s also evidence that it can prevent seizures and has neuroprotective properties.

This depends how much CBD oil is in the product, as well as how much caffeine is included. General guidelines are to drink no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. This is roughly equivalent to 2.5 cups of Zest CBD Tea.

CBD sure has a lot of great health benefits, but we shouldn’t overlook the benefits of tea. While many CBD products are designed to keep you calm, relaxed, and soothe sleep troubles, CBD tea can have a different effect.

Ease Chronic Pain

“Calmness, clarity, energy and productivity all wrapped into one.”

Importantly, this CBD from the cannabis plant does not contain THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is the psychoactive element of the plant. As there’s no THC in CBD tea, it won’t make you high. Sorry!