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cbd spray organic

Cbd spray organic

Harmony CBD Oral Care Spray offers different concentrations of CBD, CBG, and over 100 phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

The Strong contains 500 mg CBD + 12 mg CBG by bottle.

Shake well before use.

Tasty Aromas

Hold for 60 seconds for optimal absorption.

balances mind & body


All of our products are meticulously tested to ensure that they are of the highest standard and no THC is detected. Each product has a QR code which enables you to download a Certificate of Analysis to guarantee that they reach their specification. As believers in 100% transparency, it is our duty to provide you with as much information about the origins and provenance of your CBD oil as possible so that you enjoy complete peace of mind when using it.

beneficial fatty acids & antioxidants

Cbd spray organic

Our Well Woman CBD drops have been specially formulated to help aid female-specific areas of concern such as PMS and menopause.

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CBD Soft Gel Capsules (30 Capsules)

Get all of the amazing benefits CBD has to offer with our specially formulated CBD spray in Natural Spearmint. Our gluten free, vegan friendly sprays are hand crafted using only the finest ingredients.

Our Evening Tide CBD Drops are formulated with 500mg of CBD and herbal ingredients to promote a calm and relaxed mood – perfect for the evening wind down.

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Get all the amazing benefits our CBD spray has to offer with the extra added bonus of apple crumble taste. Our gluten free, vegan friendly sprays are hand crafted using only the finest ingredients with the added luxury of your favourite classic English dessert.