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cbd solubility in ethanol

Cbd solubility in ethanol

Ethanol Cannabis Extract

In this article, we will take a closer look at cannabis ethanol extraction vs hydrocarbon extraction for mid-scale operations (200-1000lbs of processing input material per day, in hemp or traditional cannabis).

In the developing cannabis and hemp markets, all the craze, and the hottest products are now revolving around “The Sauce” (HTFSE) and isolates/crystals. Simply put, an isolate is a crystalline structure of a single molecule, normally THC-a or CBD cannabinoids, with certain products like “The Sauce” also adding a terpene layer into the mix.

The Science of Cannabis Extraction

In a maturing extraction industry, many companies have released new technologies promising to be the “next best thing”. What you probably won’t find alongside these tall tales of massive throughput is the story of the science, and why each method has its limitations and benefits.

To make such products, you generally need an initial extract purity greater than 80%, particularly in the case of CBD crystalline but this is also the case in scenarios of THC-A crystalline. Because of its polar nature of ethanol as a solvent for primary extraction almost never reaches such concentrations of purity and therefore has its limitation in making a less pure, full spectrum type hemp extract (which has a bustling market of its own).

Not All Solvents are Created Equal

Ethanol extraction proponents would argue that most of the water soluble plant component extraction can be circumvented by keeping very cold temps below -5F, and this is true, to an extent, and also herein lies the problem.

There is a solution for extraction operators who wish to utilize BOTH hydrocarbon and ethanol. At Precision® our MSE (Multi Solvent Extraction) systems can utilize butane, propane or ethanol solvents.

Cbd solubility in ethanol

Most of it dissolved quickly. But some particles remained. I then added some more ethanol, thinking I had reached saturation. But adding more ethanol did not help in dissolving the remaining particles. I tried putting the flask in 50°C water, and shake it after the solution had been warmed. The same amount of particles remained still.

I bought some CBD isolate powder of the "nano/water-soluble" kind @ 99.7% purity.

Put one gram of it in 30ml of 98% ethanol.

Do you think that it is the 0.3% of whatever is not CBD I'm seeing? To me, it seems like a lot more than 0.3%. More like 10%.

Also, I read the solubility of CBD is around one gram in 10ml of ethanol. Is this correct (roughly)?