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cbd shampoo canada

Cbd shampoo canada



Natural Extracts helps to balance hair health and protect color.

Think of your scalp as the soil from which your hair grows. Just like a garden that needs a healthy foundation for flowers and grass to grow, a healthy foundation is essential to good hair health. Hair grows through follicles which surface on the scalp and they produce sebum, or oil. While some amount of oil is good for hair, too much sebum or skin blocked by dead skin will negatively impact hair growth.

Making the switch to CBD hair products is a commitment that beauty lovers have begun to contemplate in response to the buzzworthy ingredient’s rise in popularity.

1. Fekkai CBD Scalp Calming Shampoo

Perfect for strands that always require extra moisture or need help taming flyaways, the SheaMoisture Cannabis & Ginseng Lush Length Leave-In Conditioner harnesses the nourishing benefits of cannabis seed oil, ginseng root and horsetail extract to invigorate the scalp, boost hydration and infuse body, bounce and shine.

5. Raincry Rebuild Bond Repair

Designed to harness the soothing and calming benefits of CBD and cannabigerol (CBG), the Philip B CBD Scalp and Body Oil immediately alleviates irritation and inflammation to relieve stressed-out scalps for healthier overall strands. Ideal for those with inflammatory and chronic skin conditions, this THC-free formula will calm the skin and stop flare-ups at the source.