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cbd seeds uk

Cbd seeds uk

If you do intend to purchase seeds for germination, you must be aware that you may be caught and risk fines or time in prison. As you’re buying them for storage and preservation purposes, this won’t be an issue to you.

Most CBD rich cannabis plants start to flower when the amount of direct light on them drops from around 18 hours a day to about 15 hours. They can be grown inside or outside, but they either need the correct light set up or the right time of year to produce a crop. Photoperiod seeds often produce larger plants and can reach higher THC levels.


Since 2016 I’ve worked for and alongside a number of UK seed banks, so I can provide a valuable insight into which seeds to choose. Here you’ll find a broad selection of the best UK CBD seeds from those with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio to some that exceed 20:1.

Seeds may be purchased as memorabilia, souvenirs, bird food or even fish bait. However, if you make a purchase and indicate that you intend to germinate them, then the seller is obligated to report it to the police. Equally, a seller must not indicate that seeds are being sold for the purpose of germination.


As CBD products have grown in popularity, so have CBD seeds. So much so that numerous different CBD-rich cannabis strains are now available. We’ve written this guide to help you go straight to the seeds that are worth your time and prevent you from wasting money on inferior genetics.

If you’ve got a green thumb, love the green, and are looking for a fun project—growing your own weed can be a great way to reconnect with the plant. Below is a great place to start your growing journey.

Here are Our Top 3 Reputable Seed Banks for U.K. Customers:


What Marijuana Strain Should I Grow in the UK?

Choosing the right seed bank that ships to UK means doing a bit of research, scrolling through their products, and ensuring that they’re reputable and discreet. The 3 that we’ve listed above come highly recommended, and are sure to deliver a superior product, everytime. MSNL, being a UK based company, is our number 1 choice—but all 3 are fantastic options and offer their own benefits!