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cbd relax

If you like our On-the-Go CBD + Turmeric Infused Relax Shot, make sure you check out our Awake Shot featuring CBD and Caffeine!

Available in the Following Strengths:

We’re also dedicated to transparency. As a result, you can find certified lab tests for each of our products on our website. These tests are run by a third-party lab to ensure that we maintain the high level of quality that the market expects from the nu-x® brand.


About the Relax CBD Shot

We’ve also included Turmeric for an extra immune-system boost!
Goin back over 5,000 years to height of Arurveda, Turmeric has been a popular supplement for centuries due to it’s antioxidant qualities.

Made from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant, this ancient Indian spice has a distinct, earthy flavor and is commonly used as a culinary spice. Nu-X Relax CBD + Turmeric shots are a simple and convenient way to incorporate Turmeric into your daily routine.

nu-x®’s Relax 30MG CBD + Turmeric Shot is the perfect on the go CBD solution. The blueberry flavor allows for a pleasant and tasty experience. Relax is the perfect product for those seeking the benefits of CBD in a drinkable format. Whether you are traveling or simply looking to unwind, Relax will help you get there. Our 2oz Full Spectrum shots are 100% Hemp Derived.

Our Relax Shots are easy to keep in a pocket or bag for quick access. Weighing in at two ounces each, our Relax shots are perfect for slow sipping – but they’re also small enough to just knock down the hatch in a single swig.

Our nu-x® On-the-Go CBD + Turmeric Infused Relax Shot is made with college students and professionals in mind. We realize that life comes at you quickly. Sometimes, you need a small, incognito CBD boost to help you unwind (saying unwind is fine).

Cbd relax

Especially when you want to order your CBD oil, it is important to rely on reputable suppliers. With these, the premium hemp is exclusively sourced from hand-picked suppliers and the CBD is extracted particularly gently afterwards. Only in this way will you end up with a high-quality hemp full-spectrum extract instead of a cheap isolate – and you can benefit from the concentrated power of CBD oil.Once you have made the choice for the manufacturer, you are spoiled for choice between the different concentrations of CBD oil: There is “CBD oil 10 percent” and “CBD oil 5 percent”. So while one CBD oil contains 10 percent CBD, the other CBD oil has 5 percent.

Some people also use CBD to deepen relaxation and meditation. The terpenes contained in the hemp plant were already used for this purpose by the ancient Egyptians. And in any case, they smell wonderful!

How can I recognize good quality?

At VAAY, you can find various CBD products to accompany you in any everyday situation – from diffuser pens to hemp gummies. In the following sections, we will introduce you to VAAY #RELAX and shed light on how CBD can promote relaxation.

Most of the time we are aware that we should take time for a break, but there is still so much to do – here a meeting, there a deadline, and the next appointment is waiting again. VAAY supports you in creating time-outs in your everyday life: Discover the VAAY feeling and give yourself more relaxation. Our CBD products accompany you throughout the day and can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life.Soothing massages or a warm bath are effective ways to relax. Our CBD oil pampers you during the massage with a sensual fragrance experience and cares for your skin with warming ginger essence. With the VAAY CBD bath bombs your bath becomes a small spa experience: first bubbling water, then the nourishing core with shea butter, lavender scent and of course CBD. Goodbye stress!Even when time is short, VAAY won’t let you down. How about taking a relaxing break with our CBD Diffuser Pens? Thanks to their handy size, you’ll always have them at hand – for a little time-out against stress. The CBD pens are available in different flavors like Fruit, Herbal or Mint. The VAAY mouth sprays also fit nicely in your jacket pocket, so you can take them with you everywhere.And if you need to go really fast? Then the VAAY hemp capsules are the perfect companion for you. Thanks to the easy dosage, you can take them effortlessly and discreetly: at work, at yoga or before a meeting. Our hemp vitamin gummies, on the other hand, are a tasty snack for in-between meals that also contain vitamins B6 and B12, among others. Snacking is allowed – after all, cravings are also a trigger for stress!

Does CBD work as an herbal sedative?

Our lovingly assembled sets are a reminder for you to take small timeouts every day. Start your day, for example, with a few delightful puffs from the Diffuser Pen and take the hustle and bustle out of your schedule right from the start. The Hemp Vitamin Gummies are convenient to have on hand when you need a break in between. And in the evening, give yourself one last moment of relaxation with the Hemp Sleep Spray with Melatonin before getting ready for a restful night.