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cbd pr firms

Cbd pr firms

One-hundred percent of our clients have come from word-of-mouth referrals for our first three years.

We won’t try to upsell unnecessary services or provide dishonest metrics – some firms will try to sell you on things like crisis communications, but you won’t find that nonsense at NisonCo. Our retainer includes all of our PR services and we offer the ability to bundle additional services that complement our PR offerings. We also have an all-remote team that hustles until the job is done; without the constraints of an office, we’re able to start our work day on the east coast and end it on the west coast.

Public Relations

Develop targeted communications to support your social media strategy

A Winning Cannabis Communications Strategy!

NisonCo is a top rated CBD, hemp, and cannabis PR firm and has worked with over 125 cannabis companies. Established in 2013, our mission is to build trusting relationships with members of the media in order to advance inclusive and sustainable social policies, while ethically monetizing our influence. Since finding original success in the cannabis industry, NisonCo has expanded to serve other high-impact and emerging markets, such as the plant-based and cryptocurrency industries.

Your PR firm should be experienced with cannabis companies, but more importantly, they should have connections with the media and experience maintaining a company’s public message.

Is your business launching in a new market, or gearing up for an important announcement? Your PR firm is going to reach out to their contacts with information to publicize the news. Maybe your brand was bombarded with slanderous, false reviews from an angry past employee. Your agile PR team will help you develop an effective strategy to dispel the drama and get your brand back on track. Being able to shape the narrative about your brand will be a key factor when it comes to building your audience.

Ready to start reaching out to firms? Scroll up to browse Ganjapreneur’s verified list of cannabis PR agencies. Note: Ganjapreneur hasn’t worked with each service provider directly, but all of these businesses have been verified as active, cannabis-friendly providers in the industry. We encourage you to connect with multiple different PR firms on this list in order to determine the best one for you.

Canna Design Council

Create a profile and get discovered by thousands of cannabis entrepreneurs who browse the Ganjapreneur Business Index every day.

Here are some questions to ask:

The right PR firm will amplify your cannabis company’s message and maintain its high-quality image. The best PR firms are consistently building relationships with journalists and other media professionals.

Cannabis Global Initiative

Find a public relations expert to represent your cannabis industry business. PR is absolutely essential in the cannabis industry due to restrictions on advertising (and a highly competitive playing field). To successfully build your brand, you need high-quality representation by a PR agent who knows the cannabis landscape. The Ganjapreneur business index is a place for business service providers to connect with dispensary owners, cannabis cultivators, and other startups. Browse qualified PR firms below:

NisonCo is a top rated cannabis PR firm and SEO agency that can land and secure news coverage for your company through an unmatched network of cannabis industry leaders, reporters, and product reviewers. We’ve developed over 4,000 active relationships with reporters and reviewers who cover cannabis, CBD, and related products from nearly every major outlet across the country. Our SEO team can hone in on your on-site SEO, website optimization, off-site SEO optimization, and link building. Our team of over 20 employees is passionate about maintaining a positive image for cannabis businesses, and our hyper-attentive approach generates swift results. Additionally, our cannabis marketing agency has succinct strategies to amplify your SEO and PR efforts, combining tactics of email newsletter marketing, blogging, SEO content writing, thought leadership, and more ready to get your company maximum exposure.