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cbd packing services

Cbd packing services

Properly seal CBD product cartons with security labels that incorporate tamper-resistance into the packaging and display variable data for improved traceability. SunDance prints short-run “cut and stack” labels on digital printing presses which feature variable data printing technology for consecutive numbers, barcodes, and more.

Send a strong brand message with box packaging that appeals to customers and increases brand memorability. SunDance has created award-winning packaging solutions that showcase exceptional design and functionality. We design and print CBD box packaging in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to enhance your brand’s image and product’s security.

In addition to CBD packaging, SunDance also offers in-house shipping and fulfilment where we pack and fulfil your product orders, creating a truly seamless experience.

CBD Security Labels

Set your CBD brand apart from the competition with custom CBD packaging that grabs attention and keeps products safe and fresh. From concept to production, SunDance will guide you through the packaging process to produce a solution that best works for your CBD oil, lotion, edible, etc. We even offer one-off prototyping to ensure the final packaging performs and looks its best before going to market. Learn more about our CBD packaging services to see how SunDance can help your brand and products shine!

Popular types of packaging we offer:

Custom CBD Boxes

At SunDance, we see ourselves as your partner rather than just another vendor, which is why we use a collaborative approach to create custom packaging that truly adds value to the brand. From shipping durability and retail considerations to barcodes and regulations, we’ll guide you through the CBD packaging process to ensure you’re happy with the final results. Contact SunDance today to discuss the benefits and opportunities of custom CBD packaging!

Embellishments like soft-touch laminate, 3D UV coating, and foil stamping with embossing are perfect for achieving an eye-catching effect that will impress customers. Specialty finishes not only give CBD packaging a unique look and feel, but they also raise the perceived value of your brand.

Cbd packing services

Whether you’re looking for a box, a standup pouch, or a custom packaging design for your CBD product, Econo-Pak has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Our services are fully FDA compliant and Safe Quality Food certified, protecting you, your product, and your consumers from the hazards of improper packaging. With over 40 years of contract packaging experience, we have successfully helped numerous corporations navigate the complex and shifting trends of the health food industry, and we’ll work with you to achieve success in your own CBD product marketing efforts.

As a general guideline, CBD product packaging should include the following:

As mentioned earlier, each type of CBD product benefits from packaging designed and manufactured for its unique needs. The best choice for a given situation depends chiefly on cost, formulation, and delivery method. Typical packaging used for CBD products include:

At Econo-Pak, we use state-of-the-art packaging methods to achieve quality packaged products. Our capabilities include:

Guidelines and Considerations for CBD Product Packaging

Although early CBD products were limited mainly to oils or tinctures contained in glass bottles, the product options have since expanded to include edibles, topicals, and beverages, alongside traditional supplements, oils, and other wellness products. The diversity of the CBD products coming to market necessitates a broader range of packaging types, each of which is designed to protect the particular product’s quality and integrity while also allowing for marketing and nutritional information.

CBD does not demonstrate psychoactive characteristics. However, its ability to be derived from hemp or marijuana, the latter of which contains THC (a psychoactive substance that maintains strict regulation in many states), results in a variance regarding the legality of its inclusion in consumer products from state to state.

In light of the relaxing regulations regarding cannabis around the country, packagers and marketers across a variety of industries are capitalizing on growing public interest in CBD products. CBD sales topped at more than $500 million in 2018 and are expected to continue to rise as CBD becomes more accepted and accessible nationwide. A study performed by the Brightfield Group suggests that, within a few years, CBD products could be a $22 billion market, a growth trend that naturally extends to CBD and nutraceutical product packaging.

The Best Packaging Materials and Methods for CBD Products

Some of the most common types of CBD products coming to market include:

As a premier contract packaging service provider, the team at Econo-Pak recognizes the size of this product marketing opportunity. By offering professional and affordable packaging solutions for consumer goods products, we help customers bring their CBD products to market.