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cbd oil throat cancer

Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and its downstream elements are overexpressed in most cases of the head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. This study investigated the expression pattern of key proteins linked to the EGFR pathway in laryngeal carcinoma patients with a history of cannabis smoking. We selected 83 male glottic cancer patients, aged between 45 to 75 years with three distinct populations-nonsmoker, cigarette smoker, and cannabis smoker. Immunohistochemical staining was performed for EGFR, protein kinase B (PKB or Akt), nuclear factor kappa B p50 (NF-КB), and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) followed by boolean scoring for statistical analysis. Experimental data showed upregulation of the selected EGFR cascade in tumor cells, stromal expression of EGFR, and nuclear localization of COX-2 in metaplastic gland cells of laryngeal cancer tissue sample. Statistical analyses indicated that overexpression of the EGFR cascade is significantly correlated to cannabis smoking. Cannabis smokers had higher expression (p < 0.01) of these onco-proteins with respect to both nonsmokers as well as cigarette smokers. Risk factor analysis showed high risk of these proteins expression in age <60 years (odds ratio (OR) > 1.5) as the lower age group had relatively higher number of cannabis smokers. This study provides evidence for a direct association between cannabis smoking and increased risk of laryngeal cancer. Higher expression of the EGFR cascade in cannabis smokers revealed that cannabis smoking may be a major cause for the early onset of aggressive laryngeal cancer.

Cbd oil throat cancer

My hubby used it last year when he had stage 4 throat cancer..he got the all clear in September and I believe it really helped him..also there’s a documentary on Netflix Called “Weed the people” (I think) and it’s based on people that have cancer and chose to use CBD’s a really interesting programme to watch.

Hi Rebecca, I’ve been taking cbd oil for pain and joints it very good for that but i don’t know about anything else, Billy

Cannabis oil

i have been taking cbd for over a year before I got breast cancer I ask my oconlogist if I could take while having treatment they really couldn’t give me a answer so I decided to start after my treatment which I have just helped my joints

I find it so difficult to not be able to ‘fix’ everything and I am desperate for her to try some alternative treatment even if it is due to anecdotal evidence.

Cannabis oil

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