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cbd oil for dogs collapsed trachea

Cbd oil for dogs collapsed trachea

If you’re a smoker, also make sure to avoid smoking in the house and around your pet as this will only further aggravate their symptoms.

These can include joint supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, which claim to prevent the breakdown of cartilage.

What is the Prognosis of Canine Tracheal Collapse?

I haven’t used CBD on a dog with this issue, but I have used it with my other pets. You can read more about my personal story with CBD here.

Some dogs may benefit from surgery.


If your dog suffers from a collapsed trachea, CBD might be able to help them with inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

Cbd oil for dogs collapsed trachea

Support your dog’s gut health with probiotics. Probiotics maintain a constant supply of beneficial bacteria to balance the bad bacteria in your dog’s gut that lead to inflammation.

Give your dog these natural remedies to soothe coughing and minimize irritation.

Manage your dog’s weight. You want to avoid an overweight dog as this puts stress on his respiratory system. And added weight adds stress to his heart and lungs. Start by feeding your dog a whole food, raw meat diet that avoids carbs and starches. These foods can lead to weight gain and digestive issues.

Minimize Coughing

A bout of coughing can last several minutes until your dog calms and breathing returns to normal.

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It usually affects small, toy and miniature dog breeds. They include:

Is Collapsed Trachea Serious?

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Recovery is usually 4-8 weeks, while avoiding excitement, exercise and extreme changes in temperature. There’s also the possibility of further tracheal collapse around the surgical areas. Instead, less invasive, non-toxic methods, as already described, can bring comfort to your dog.